The great Golden State dynasty fell apart for a reason. Guilty Names Two Years Later


The great Golden State dynasty fell apart for a reason. Guilty Names Two Years Later

In the 2019 offseason, the great Golden State Warriors disintegrated, winning three titles (2015, 2017, 2018) and dominating the NBA in the second half of the last decade. Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green helped the Warriors win a record 73 regular season games in 2016 and surpass Michael Jordan ‘s Chicago Bulls . However, in the final of the playoffs, they were stopped by the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by LeBron James . Immediately after that, Kevin Durant was signed, making Golden State virtually invincible.

Steve Kerr’s team easily took the titles in the next two seasons and would have done so in the third, if not for the injuries of Thompson and Durant . The Toronto Raptors could hardly count against healthy Clay and Kevin, despite the powerful performance of Kawhi Leonard . The dynasty broke up in the 2019 offseason, although it could have continued to exist, despite a local setback in the 2018/2019 season. The reasons and culprit were revealed two years later during a recent interview with two ex-Warriors star teammates.

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green decided to recall the past in a joint interview. The players discussed the skirmish that occurred between them back in 2018. The one that became the driving force behind the collapse of the dynasty. As a result, the situation went beyond the framework of a harmless friendly dialogue in front of the camera. Durant and Green bluntly blamed the Golden State leadership for their own conflict, which became the subject of active discussion after the video was published.

The skirmish between Green and Durant happened in November 2018. A passed, meaningless regular season match with the Los Angeles Clippers, 6 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, a draw. Green makes a rebound in defense, after which Durant asks to give him a pass. Draymond ignores this request, starts the attack on his own, but eventually loses the ball. Golden State are losing the meeting in overtime.

Kei Di, deprived of the transfer, did not remain silent. He expressed all his claims to Green, and in response he heard only insults and other hard-hitting things. “We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave”. Although Durant, apparently, already understood that everything was heading for this. He left the site with the words “that’s why I’m leaving.”

Clarification of the relationship between the players continued in the locker room. After the match, Green met personally with the team’s head coach Steve Kerr and the club’s president, Bob Myers. Draymond was urged to apologize, but he flatly refused to do so and was eventually suspended for one match.

And so Green, who acted as an interviewer, almost three years later had the opportunity to ask his former teammate an urgent question. During this time, the conflict disappeared. Recently, Draymond and Kevin won Olympic gold together with the US team, relations between them are now quite friendly. Greene asked Durant directly about whether the altercation had influenced his decision to leave the Warriors camp.

“It wasn’t about our conflict, but about Steve Kerr and everyone else acting like nothing had happened. Bob Myers then tried to punish you somehow and thought he could hush everything up. I felt that this was an important situation for us as a team. This was the first time we went through something like this. We had to deal with this shit.

I remember watching The Last Dance. And when Scottie Pippen didn’t come to the game, the whole team in the dressing room said, “Scotty, it sucks that you did that.” And we needed something like that. I had to put everything out to each other and say: “Yo, Dray, Kay, it sucks that we had to go through this. But let’s just get it over with. ” We didn’t, we walked around the bush. I just didn’t like how it turned out, what the attitude was. And I’d rather we were who we say we are. Family comes first, and the main thing is mutual understanding. We have not shown this. That’s what pissed me off, ”Durant said.

Green, on the other hand, remembered his conversation with the leadership of the team.

“When we returned from Los Angeles, I was taken to a room where we sat for almost two hours. They said, “You need to apologize.” And I said, “I’ll talk to Kevin, but you won’t tell me what to say to him.” They continued to talk all sorts of nonsense and in the end decided that they would try to reach me again, but in the morning. And so we met the next morning, and they said: “You thought, now you are ready to apologize?” I immediately replied: “You will ruin everything now. Only me and Kay can fix this. You can’t do anything, but you’re going to screw it up. ” And in my opinion, they ruined everything, ”said Draymond.

With Green’s last phrase, Durant agreed. That is how all the blame for what happened was shifted without a twinge of conscience to the leadership of the team. Although Kevin seemed to want to resolve the situation collectively, and Green asked management not to interfere, both were unhappy as a result. And Kerr and Myers are still considered extreme. Even if in the current situation, which has spoiled the already not the most stable microclimate in the locker room, objectively no one is to blame except themselves.

Almost three years later, such statements sound very strange. After all, Green himself in 2019 openly admitted that he was wrong:

“Once I was able to overcome my stubbornness and accept the fact that I was wrong, I was able to move on. I’ve lost confidence in Durant, ”Green said.

As for Kevin, he also had a completely different position about what happened. Already a Brooklyn player, Durant admitted that the conflict did play a role when he made the decision to leave Golden State. And there was no talk of accusations against the leadership. The problem, he said, was precisely in Green.

“Draymond knew he had gone too far. This has definitely become one of the factors. I will not lie. When a teammate talks to you like that, you think about it, ”said Durant.

Now, between the players again warm friendly relations. And, apparently, in order not to stir up the past, they decided to appoint the leaders of the Warriors as guilty. Renowned TV personality Stephen Amy Smith tried to lure Stephen Curry into the conflict, although he was never the leader in solving problems in the Golden State locker room.

“With all due respect, where is Stephen Curry in all this, the child-faced killer, the greatest sniper ever created by God, the ultimate superstar of the team, the face of the organization? Where is he in all this? It seems to me that it is very striking that Durant and Green never mentioned his name, not once, ”said Smith.

2008 NBA champion Kendrick Perkins called Durant and Green to account.

“Overall, I liked the interview. But there is one point. I’ve played with many Hall of Fame players myself, and I’ve been in many locker rooms. Conflicts and fights arise between players. You discuss it and move on, it’s part of the process. What I didn’t like in the interview was that Durant and Greene had disclaimed responsibility. As if the skirmish itself did not happen between them, but those two.

Steve Kerr got the eye of the Jordan, and then pass it under Michael the winning shot in the final – all in the same season ( these events occurred in different seasons -. Note ‘Championship. “ ). If Kay Dee and Draymond expected Kerr or Bob Myers to deal with their differences and keep the team, they are wrong! We must be responsible! ” Perkins said.

It is not clear what prevented Durant and Green from immediately settling the situation on their own. It is also unclear what the current claims to the leadership are. A couple of years ago, Kevin said that everyone around was trying to push them towards reconciliation. He now claims that everyone acted as if nothing had happened. What Green wanted in that situation is generally a mystery. Didn’t he apologize to Durant just because Kerr and Myers insisted on it? After all, later he still admitted that he was wrong. Now the statements of both seem to be devoid of any logic.

And why even raise this topic after so long is another question. Together, Durant and Green no longer play, they are on good terms with each other. But, apparently, they still could not miss the chance to attack the leadership. By and large, Durant doesn’t care. He appears in the new Brooklyn Nets superteam with James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Green, on the other hand, will have to return to the Warriors location. I wonder how he will make eye contact with Kerr and Myers, who are still in the organization.


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