The guy with the extra weight increased and receives hundreds of millions. In Nikola nobody believed


Center “Denver nuggets” Nikola jokić was the best player at his position in the world. The Serb became the first team NBA season in 2019. He signed with the nuggets max contract for $ 148 million given the advertising sponsorship deals earnings Nikola has already exceeded a few hundred million dollars.

Jokić only 25 years old. He continues to progress. In the season 2019/2020 center averaged 20.2 points and 10.2 rebounds and 6.9 assists.

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Another good application for inclusion in the national team of the season. About the same statistics allowed Nicola to get into the symbolic top five players from a year ago. The nuggets in the regular season was in the leading group and was pursued by one of the main contenders for the title of “Los Angeles clippers”, which gives the Serbs significant advantage over Joel Ambiem (“Philadelphia Sixers”) and Rudy Gobert (Utah jazz). Moreover, jokić — best setter of the “big” in the NBA. Flair playmaker the Serb something similar with the legendary Arvydas Sibonisa. Quite often, Nikola draws a triple-double with programs that center rare.

A few years ago in the star potential of Nikola Jokić nobody believed. As a child, Nicola was a kid with an abundance of excess weight. His physique certainly could not be called sport. People thought Jokić fat. Childhood photos make it clear why. Even Branislav Jokic, father Nikola, not really believed in the potential of the son, but not insisted on a change of activity.

Парень с лишним весом вырос и получает сотни миллионов. В Николу вообще никто не верил

Nikola jokić started to play basketball in the youth team “Vojvodina”. The extra weight was a problem, but still Nicola somehow managed. In 2012, he spotted the scouts of the club “Mega”, which is known for training talents for the NBA draft. Initially he didn’t trust the place in rotation of the main team. 17-year-old jokić has played just 5 matches in Serbian championship of the season 2012/2013, averaging 1.8 points and 2 rebounds. Then followed a remarkable progress. In 25 games in the Adriatic League season 2013/2014 jokić averaged 11.4 points, 6.4 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.

Progress is evaluated over the ocean. “Denver” chose Jokić under the 41st peak NBA draft 2014. It’s not even close to guaranteed a bright future for the player. Nikola took in the middle of the second round, where performers with low potential of no value for the club. What’s worse, the nuggets immediately took Jokić, and left him in Europe. Nikola was the so-called “stash”-a prospect — a player who is sent to serve abroad after the selection in the NBA draft. The fate of the vast majority of “Stasa” disappointing — they never come to the NBA and hopelessly stuck in Europe or other parts of the world.

Jokić was no exception. Veteran Ratko Varda left the “mega” before the start of the season 2014/2015. This opened the possibility for Nikola. Jokić started to consistently churn out double-doubles in the Adriatic League. He was the MVP of February in the tournament, gaining an average of 21.7 points and 12.3 rebounds. It was only a warm-up. In the championship Jokić was the MVP of the season and best young player in the Adriatic League.

“Denver” is convinced to give Jokić chance in the NBA. However, Nicola was travelling in USA in a big disbelief. He was still considered a prospect, a second round draft pick with a low capacity, slow clumsy fat man, “the stash” with no prospect of a long stay in the strongest basketball League in the world. Nobody predicted that this guy will be a franchise player the Denver and lead the team to a new level.

Nikola quickly began to disappoint the skeptics. In the first season in the NBA he averaged 10.0 points and 7.0 rebounds. Very bad for a rookie, especially given the choice in the second round of the draft. Serbia was included in the symbolic five of the first recruits at the end of the season. Already in the campaign-2015/2016 jokić started to show signs of superstar potential of 16.7 points and 9.8 rebounds, 4.9 assists.

One of the main reasons for choosing Jokić at such low peak draft — sluggishness, excess weight, sluggishness. Representatives of the front office, “nuggets” estimated unique playmaking Jokić, but still believed his ceiling is limited. A former General Manager of the Denver Arturas Karnisovas admitted that the decision to take Jokić is largely by accident and good luck. Nobody expected that the Serb will be one of the main discoveries and the “theft” of the draft in NBA history.

Gradually jokić gained experience in the League. Nicola became faster and more flexible. All modern requirements of the League match, including the “stretching” ability for “large”. In particular, in the season 2017/2018, he showed impressive for a center three-point accuracy at 39.6%. Progress did not stop. In 2019 Nicola’s debut gets an invitation to the all-star game and gets in the first team of the season. A year later he again participates in this event. There is no doubt that this trend will continue.

Nikola yet only in the number of reservists on the all-star game, but will soon be released in the starting lineup with performers of the first magnitude LeBron James (“Los Angeles Lakers”), James Harden (“the Houston rockets”), Giannis Antetokounmpo (“the Milwaukee Bucks”), Cavem Leonard (“Los Angeles clippers”) and rapidly progressive Slovene Luke Donice (“Dallas Mavericks”).

We can say that jokić has not reached its maximum. During a break in the NBA season-2019/2020 pandemic coronavirus, jokić noticeably thinner. Mobility cases must be even better.

Парень с лишним весом вырос и получает сотни миллионов. В Николу вообще никто не верил

Nikola in company with its main partner Jamal Murray will try to lead the nuggets to success in the playoffs during the restart of the championship in Orlando. Wards Mike Malone — one of those who could sensationally to beat the top clubs of the Los Angeles “Lakers” and “clippers”.

Jokić have ambitious plans. “The Joker” wants to be like a legend of the Chicago bulls of Michael Jordan. At least in terms of financial viability.

“Michael Jordan is someone I want to be like. I want to become a sports billionaire,” said jokić in an interview with the Denver Post.

The state of Jordan in excess of $ 2 billion Probably, jokić does not earn as much as His Airness. However, the chances of becoming a billionaire from the sport really is. At least Serbia has something to strive for.

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