The heavyweights broke the ring and flew over the ropes. Severe Mexican boxing. Video


The heavyweights broke the ring and flew over the ropes. Severe Mexican boxing. Video

Last weekend in the state of Tamaulipas (Mexico), a small-town professional boxing evening was held. Little-known fighters played in his card. The only thing that attracted attention was the veteran heavyweight, ex-world title contender Eric Molina , who in his best years fought with Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder , and even defeated the ex-world champion in the first heavyweight division Tomasz Adamek. Molina’s rival was outspoken underdog Alejandro de la Torre , whose track record consisted of 2 wins and 10 losses. He approached the fight with Molina on a series of three defeats, two of which were received from Hasim Rahman Jr.

As for the American, at the end of his career he turned into a kind of stepping stone for rising in the ranking of promising boxers. In the previous two fights, Eric lost ahead of schedule to unbeaten Philip Hrgovich and Fabio Wardley. The duel with de la Torre was for Molina a chance to at least slightly smooth out the impression of recent failures.

Evidently Eric’s class and experience spoke in his favor. From the first round, it was clear that Molina had to interrupt a series of failures. And the form of his opponent, who came out to the fight with clearly overweight, was not at all impressive. The former world title challenger easily took the first round. And already in the second three minutes, something unexpected happened.

De la Torre, who was already fairly “fed up,” tried to clinch, apparently hoping to hang on to his opponent and rest a little. But this turned out to be difficult to do. Molina leaned back on the ropes, trying to thwart the enemy’s plot. De la Torre, it seemed, began to put pressure on Eric even more. As a result, the ropes and the ring could not bear the weight of the two overweight athletes. The corner post of the ring broke, the ropes, of course, ended up on the canvas, and the boxers flew out of the square. Molina landed very hard on the table.

But it wasn’t over yet. The organizers of the boxing evening did not give up. Having restored the damaged equipment, they offered the fighters to return to the ring, and they did not refuse. But Molina, apparently no longer wanting to mess around, jumped into work immediately and knocked out his opponent in the same second round, which dragged on for two hours. Thus, Eric returned to the victorious path. A rather funny victory for the boxer, who, according to rumors, may meet with the Russian Sergei Kuzmin in November .

Molina himself admitted that during the incident he could have been seriously injured.

“I was saved by the fact that I fell on the table. This saved me from injury. It could have been much worse. Fortunately, none of us were injured. It was a crazy fight in Mexico, ”concluded Eric.

Yes, the boxing night in Mexico was really tough. Well, Molina should be congratulated on her victory. Let his career be at sunset, but he will definitely not forget such a fight. That’s what it means to really shake things up.


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