The IIHF and weak to ride Gretzky as you did with Firsov?


Another hot column browser “Soviet sport” Vitaly Slavin.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we cannot have even a minute to go. We took under the strictest forchecking stars out NHL players and by the end of the show – top 16 right forwards from 1967 – overseas experts-the pre-schoolers entered the mind. Cost your correspondent to neglect the election of the IIHF All stars national teams, commemorating the centenary of world Championships as the international Federation of the planet showed that Europe in hockey is not a damn sense.

We hollowed you hollowed the NHL, he says, with all the amateurism regular browser of the official website of the League, voting for best role since the expansion of the NHL from six to 12 clubs, you need to be objective, that the whole world didn’t work – and he got what he wanted! Moreover, the strongest right striker voted the Czech Jaromir Jagr. Though second-ranked canadian Mike bossy, in my opinion the reference, could qualify for number 1. In the top 7 in this category only two Canadians – in addition to bossy, this guy lefleur – №3. As much as Americans – Brett hull (No. 4), Patrick Kane (No. 7) and Finns Jari Kurri (No. 5), Teemu selanne (No. 6).


All in all, yesterday published the final list of North American electors, under our wise leadership still won the primary school curriculum, as many as eight laureates from Canada, including six Europeans! At the 11th place, Pavel Bure, on the 12th Slovak Marian Goss, on 16-m – Alexander Mogilny.

Of course, I accept your rebuke – as a Russian rocket may not be in the top ten? But here they are: four grade boys and girls time to master just the basics of hockey science. And to come up with secondary and tertiary education. Nevertheless, we have every reason to Pat ourselves on the back – our joint efforts were not in vain. The progress of our younger students as taking five homework there:

1) the centre – forwards 13 Canadians, a Swede Forsberg (No. 11), American Lafontaine (No. 13), Malkin (No. 14).

2) goalies – 13 Canadians, Czech, Hasek (No. 3), the Swede Lundqvist (No. 10), American Thomas (No. 16).

3) Defenders – 11 Canadians, a Swede Lindstrom (No. 2), Americans Chelios (No. 7), Leach (No. 8), Slovak zdeno’hara (No. 14), Swede Karlsson (No. 16).

4) Left forwards – 11 Canadians, Ovechkin (No. 1), American Tkachuk (No. 8), the Swede D. Sedin (No. 10), Kovalchuk (No. 12), American Leclere (No. 15).

5) Right forwards 8 Canadians, Jagr (No. 1), hull (No. 4), curry (No. 5), selanne (No. 6), Kane (No. 7), Bure (No. 11), Goss (No. 12), Burial (No. 16).

13, 13, 11, 11, 8 – well done girls and boys! Tell the parents that all of you I’m transferring to fifth grade!

And truants and losers from the official website of the IIHF may have to leave in the second year – go to secondary education they are early.

After all that silly-it plan – Anatoly Firsova and Sergei Makarov ignored?! This is the same as the Canadians to throw in the dustbin of history Bobby hull and the so-called Great, whose call sign encrypted in the header.

Honestly, I wanted to write your own forecast All the stars of our team in order to ensure that “with all the richness of choice there is no alternative”, but too lazy. Well, why waste gasoline to burn, I reasoned, what could be more options but Tretiak in goal, Fetisov and Ragulin – protection, Firsov, Kharlamov and Makarov in the attack?

However, the international Federation decided differently. In a statement released today, the penultimate list of historical Oll Starz national teams in the symbolic team of all time Soviet/Russian looks like this: Tretiak, Fetisov – Ragulin beavers – Malkin – Kharlamov.

What is the most glaring: if Sergei Makarov in the permanent section of these ratings IIHF “diplomas” still mentioned – still, chelyabinets in 2008, the centenary of the IIHF the International Federation included in the All Starz in history (along with Tretiak, Fetisov, Swede Salmingo, Kharlamov, and thus the most overrated athlete of the Solar system from the header), then the Greatest and it’s not just my opinion, but Scotty Bowman! – Anatoly Vasilyevich word?!

Firsov, of course, deserves a separate and detailed narrative. This is an era in world hockey. When I’m done the same with our top 16 NHL goalies make joint efforts, I hope to attackers. While will confine ourselves to commit outrageous fact of the incompetence of the IIHF, forgetting about the striker:

– which brought the USSR national team’s victory in all competitions in which he participated in three Olympics, nine world Championships;

– who three times has been recognized the best forward of the world Cup;

– which is four times became the best scorer of the world Cup;

– which is four times became the best scorer of the world Cup;

– who was the first in Europe to use bent hook;

– who was the first in Europe, most started out the fourth striker;

– who owned the most powerful click in Europe.

Firsov really made history. We can only regret that Vsevolod Bobrov did not include the captain of CSKA in a national team of the USSR in the summit series in 1972. As I explained myself Anatoly V., Bobrov unhooked it as a pet Tarasova, a Davydov – like chick Chernyshev. Not helped to change the opinion of even the failure at the spring world championship in 1972 in Prague, where after the triumph in Sapporo in February for the Olympics in 1972 and the resignation of the Duo Chernyshev – Tarasov as the new coach took the leaders CSKA and “Dynamo”. In the end, Kharlamov we were in fact indispensable, and when Clarke broke Valery, to take the initiative nobody could.

But Kharlamov in link with Firsov and Vikulov at the Olympics in 1972 had probably the best tournament in the national team. Just imagine what could we be three links:

– Firsova – Kharlamov;

– Petrov – Mikhailov;

– Shadrin – Yakushev!

Tale! A real dream team of ice hockey of all time. And everyone was in the juice. In particular, Firsov in September 1972, was only the 32nd year, he dominated with the team for a few seasons.

Now, the IIHF called for 15 of its variants Oll Starz national teams. Now team Canada.

I have no doubt that the leaders of the International Federation, as usual, thoroughly examine our revelatory post. I propose we all show good will and to give the International Federation a chance to improve.

IIHF, you will be included in the symbolic team of Gretzky a Maple leaf, which has filled all the tournaments under your auspices, attended the youth world Cup, world Cup, Olympics?!

Respect yourself, the IIHF. You’re 112 years old. It is time at least a little bit to understand people…

source: “Soviet sport”

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