The insurers said the number of drivers receiving a discount for insurance


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More than 81% of drivers have a coefficient of bonus-Malus (MSC, or the so-called rate) is less than one, that is, drive carefully and not to be blamed for the accident, said Director of methodology of insurance of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Eugene Vasiliev in the round table on Wednesday.

MSC is one of the factors, which is multiplied by the base rate of CTP, and then determines the total cost of the policy. Bonus-Malus depends on the history of accidents of the driver: if he was the culprit, then the coefficient will exert upward pressure on the cost of the policy, if led gently downward. Only the MSC there are 15 classes the worse driving a motorist, the lower is its class. For the lowest of these, the MSC will be equal to 2.45, and the highest is 0.5. For beginners sets a neutral value of the MSC – unit.

“Already, more than 81% have at least one CBM… the Average value of the CBM of the year falls, accordingly, every year more and more car owners gets a bonus compared to the previous year. The small number of people who get into accidents, get the Malus for them, the insurance premium grows”, – said Vasilyev.

Coordinator of the “Society of blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov has resulted in data that were previously submitted to the insurance company: according to their data, 5% of policyholders are responsible for 70% of accidents. This statistic is corroborated by other sources, e.g., data systems, photo and video fixation in some regions. As said Shkumatov, there is the size of this risk group was estimated at even 3%.

Vasilyev added that the average for the Russian Federation the frequency of insurance cases, it is likely driver to get into an accident, is 5.5%.

The calculation of MSC was changed from April 1 this year. Previously, MSC were calculated at the moment when the motorist purchased a new policy. Now the coefficient is calculated and assigned once a year – April 1, regardless of when you buy a new policy. If the driver’s there are several treaties in which it appears, can be different values of KBM. Then is this only one of them is the lowest. Driving record is in the database of the AIS OSAGO owned by RSA.

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