The Joel Bolombi: “In America life is made to learn English. Now much more difficult to restore Russian”


Heavy forward of CSKA and Russian national team the Joel Bolombi spoke about the experience of emigration of parents in the United States and their adaptation in Moscow.

— You live in Moscow more than a year. Moreover, it granted Russian citizenship. Became more than Russian in everyday life, in the habits?

— Moving in this direction. Not everything is easy, moreover, was a decent pause, during which I flew to America. But I try.

— How your parents had the courage to move to America without knowing the language?

— It was a really bold idea. The father knew little English, he studied it in school, but generally spoke French. Mom never owned any languages, except Russian. I was born in Donetsk, while parents met in Moscow, and growing up, spoke their languages. In America has been forced to learn English, and we coped with it. Now much more difficult to restore the Russian, who thoroughly pozabyla. [Switches to Russian]. It’s not so bad, because I work with the teacher. To read really can’t.

— What language do you communicate with the coach Sergei Bazarevich?

In English.

— How many years did it take your family to adapt in America?

— Parents were told — two years.

— In Donetsk, having been since left out?

— Neither in Donetsk, nor in Ukraine, although I wanted to see in this team. Even memories left. Was too young in America took me in four years.

Recall that Bolombi became the player of CSKA in the summer of 2018. The basketball player was born in Donetsk, his mother — Russian, father is a native of the Republic of the Congo. On November 12 last year Bolombi received Russian citizenship.

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