The leader of Spartak’s Georgy Jikia: the club has changed a lot. We need time


“Spartak” spends his worst season in the history of the championship of Russia. Two rounds before the finish of the Premier League “red-white” go to 11 th place, having lost early chances for Eurocups zone. Лидер "Спартака" Георгий Джикия: В клубе многое изменилось. Нам нужно время

Georgy Jikia has played for “Spartak” already 100 matches. Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS

What happens with “Spartakom” how to get out of the crisis, why did the team repeat the same mistakes on these questions in an interview with “RG” said the captain and leader of the “red-white” Georgy Jikia.

How hard is it to play such a difficult schedule? How you recover between matches?

Georgy Jikia: This schedule is to my liking, because I love to play. It’s better than a weekly cycle of workouts. When the games go on constantly, you’re always in good shape and no long wait. Importantly, the right recovery, and with this in “spartake” there are no problems. Everything you need is there, and even more. Personally, I try to spend more time at home, as the situation in the country is still unstable with this virus. We comply with all measures after training and matches, the guys go back home and stay with family. This is the best recovery.

Georgy Jikia: For the last time at the club, much has changed, starting from management to players. We need time

Football without the fans (meaning, more or less complete stands) somehow affects the game?

Georgy Jikia: of Course, I want to see the stands full is very important. Both at home and away. Although in the case of “Spartacus” with us always, even to the guests, supported by a huge army of fans, for which they thank you. I know a lot of people who can’t get to the stadium and worry about it. Recently there was information that perhaps August will be allowed into the arena 50 per cent. It can not but rejoice.

Now, after several rounds, do you think it was worth to resume the championship or terminate?

Georgy Jikia: I Think the decision to resume was correct. In the end, come to this all major European leagues except the French.

What happens with Spartak at the end of matches? With the same “Arsenal”, “Tambov”?

Georgy Jikia: Can associate these things with the fact that we still have an inexperienced team. Sorry, we have lapses in matches, and they punished us with goals. Such errors are unacceptable at this level. And this, again, speaks to the lack of necessary experience. Generally there a lot of little things that come with age. We relatively recently to play with such a lineup, so we need time.

Recently, it is clear that some of the players nerves. Zobnin – in the match with CSKA, if we talk about the coach Tedesco – in the match with Lokomotiv was furious. The team felt nervous situation?

Georgy Jikia: No nervous situation. There are emotions of people who care about “Spartacus.” And I have some moments when I’m overreacting. This happens in football all the time. But you need to learn to control himself, to work on it.

Tedesco is now more emotional than usual? After a match with “the Locomotive” you said you have, say, a table to change in the locker room.

Georgy Jikia: It is always emotional, and Derby with Lokomotiv was no exception. The only thing – I want to Tedesco still had not received red cards.

Says a lot about refereeing “Spartak”. Feel a biased attitude on the part of the arbitrators?

Georgy Jikia: I do Not want to discuss the referee, but I would like to say a few words about the system VAR. To her many questions. With it in football, something was missing. Can’t even say what it is, but because of the use of video replays in the game, something changed. Perhaps this is not VAR itself and with how it is used. Have questions to the people who are viewing on the screen in certain scenes. Even experts sometimes wonder what they are guided, making this or that decision? In General, it is not so simple.

We can say that the match against Zenit in the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia – crucial for Spartak in the current season?

Georgy Jikia: Despite a disastrous season in the Premier League, in the case of a successful outcome in a recent match with CSKA, we could come very close to the top 5. So I would say that Derby key meeting. But today, I agree that the upcoming game with Zenit the most important at the end of the season.

The team somehow reacted to the news of a match with “Zenith” in St.-Petersburg. Do you think it is important that the meeting take place there?

Georgy Jikia: Well, of course. Referring to discussions within the team, we can talk about certain things, but it will remain in the locker room. We can only accept this fact.

The odds against the current “Zenith” is? And how do you “Zenit” after a pause?

Georgy Jikia: there is a Chance for both teams. A style of game “Zenith” is well known to us. However, now added another and Malcolm, and the rest of the team remained the same.

Recent changes in “Spartacus” – the dismissal of the General Director of Thomas Zorn, and coming to his place of Shamil Gazizov – somehow affected the team?

Georgy Jikia: Any change in club affects the players. In what direction, only time will tell.

There is an explanation, why “Spartak” so, in simple terms, shaken in recent years? Changing coaches in the leadership of change.

Georgy Jikia: In recent years in “Spartacus” has changed everything from management and finishing with players, coaches, staff, and even location and stationing of the club. A year ago we radically changed the composition. In the end, the team was only 5-6 people from those who were involved in winning gold medals in 2017. We will have 20 newcomers! It takes time to guys played.

Some experts say that “Spartak” not the team to fight for the top places. What will answer them?

Georgy Jikia: In such cases I always want to ask the question: who says? Because there are people whose opinion doesn’t matter. And I would not want them no reply. You need to concentrate on your work and the team.

Fans write to you something angry in connection with the results of the team in social media? Answer them?

Georgy Jikia: There is a sudden message, but I have learned not to answer them. Although I could write, to engage in dialogue. I understand people who after unsuccessful results, criticize us, write something, worried. And yet the majority of fans support us, believe in the team. I would like to Express my great gratitude to them.

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