The legend “Los Angeles Lakers”, not played a single match


9 out of 11 titles “Los Angeles Lakers” was produced to the accompaniment of his nimble baritone, in the period from November 1965 to December 2001, he never missed a match, “purple gold”, the name of this man is not only engraved on numerous Emmys, the awards for the best commentator of the year, but emblazoned in the Hall of fame basketball on the Hollywood walk of fame.

During the ceremony on the occasion of the anniversary 3000-second match as a commentator on the Lakers, the famous striker of the club, James warti lost, listing his regalia, and when the celebrant asked what he thinks about all the compliments in his address, one of the most talkative speakers in the history of the sport off with a short: “not Bad for a guy named Francis”.

That the Lakers are very selective approach to the installation of monuments in front of his home arena, often spare even the most ardent fans of the club. If the number of titles and a whole lot of outstanding basketball players who wore purple-and-gold colors, the number of monuments could be more than six. Soon Jerry West, Aldino to Baylor, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shakila O’neill and chick Hiro will join Kobe Bryant, but for years, fans scribble petition with a request to install statues of the same James warti center or the famous “Los Angeles sparks” Lisa Leslie.

Fans of the “Lakers” can be understood, but as the strictness of the club, which honors such a monumental privilege of only the elite. Among them, only one person never went on the floor in the “purple gold”. Francis chick Hearn didn’t just speak the names of the players the Lakers, and anticipated the actions of the players on the floor, and beyond.

At all desire will not be able to give you a sense of the huge number of rhymes, word puzzles and jokes, which were abundant in the comments’hearn, let me just say that the ability to combine them with live commentary and statistical calculations was one of the many features of talent’hearn. This manner not just makes him unique, it makes him unique for the Lakers, because since the mid-60s until the early 90s “serniki” was one of the most dynamic teams in the League. Therefore, it is energetic and yet witty style comment fit the style of play of the team.

Your professional signature Hearn was developed at an early stage of a career, when he had to comment just for the radio.

— I was eyes to the millions of people who gathered to hear the report. I had to quickly give them an overall picture of what is happening. Listeners had to imagine the changeable game process with all its nuances, so I had no time to hit in lyrics, — said Hearn.

Later, when chick have gained experience and learned on the machine to control the pace of the game, then began to pick up various adjectives to the different actions of the players appeared “chicism” — winged things, many of which commentators have used so far.

Finger roll — a type of throw where the ball rolls off the fingertips straight to the basket, airball, the ball did not hit even at the rim, ice in his veins — definition of cold-blooded player who supposedly ice water instead of blood — these and many other expressions are now used as standards in the broadcast practice around the world.

In order not to lose his grip and be able to improvise during the matches, he came four hours before the match, sat in the commentator and began to simulate game situations that can happen. Witnesses claimed that it was like a theatre rehearsal, and review before the empty platform in no way inferior and sometimes superior to work live. The names of the players of both teams, types of throws, the distance from which they throw — Hearn knew the smallest details. Often he was able to predict several attacks in a row, and then was born some snips: “I promised myself not to tell you I told you so”.

Manner Chica has become so popular author and that his name was to comment on not only basketball, but also bowling, American football, Boxing and much more. And the chick does not lose relevance over the changing eras and times, in 1971 Hearn commented on the first fight of Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, in 1982, he recorded a rap single “Rap-Around”, which played on matches Lakers and Los Angeles radio stations, and in 1992, chick worked all the matches of the Olympic “dream team” in Barcelona in 2000, covered the beginning of a new dynasty with Shaq and Kobe.

His animated version appeared in the simpsons, sports review Chica you can recognize in the song “Don’t Leave Me Now” legendary album “The Wall” of “Pink Floyd”. Voice’hearn, always and everywhere sounded appropriate and original at the same time, and most importantly — he’s not just sound, listened to him. He largely determined the fate of one of the most fundamental characters in the history of the team.

Chick ran to the young man, when in the distant 1970, the year was expelled from the “Blazers” and told him: “don’t worry, kid, you’re the Lakers. While chick closed position of assistant General Manager, so the guy had no reason to doubt his words. And then the guy played for the Lakers for five seasons, as a player, took the title with the Lakers, met with stancik in “Phoenix Sanz”, retired and returned to Los Angeles.

The next couple of seasons he worked with Hinnom in the commentary, where he taught beginner not only to speak but also to think. “Learn to quickly assess the situation and clearly articulate it. You should be able to compose all your thoughts and clearly communicate them. It’s like coaching. These professions are similar,” explained chick his assistant.

Well explained and accessible, because in two years the guy offered to come down from the grandstand and take the place of one of the assistant coaches. He replied that he did not give a response without the blessing’hearn. The answer was succinct: “are you Kidding me? The decision to sit on the bench will be the most important in your life”. The last guy did. Late assistant, he retrained in chief and in this capacity led the Lakers to four championship titles. Guy chick caught in the Parking lot in the far 1970 was the name of Pat Riley.

Chick Hearn is the man with these stories, whose number tends to infinity. His life and figure not only of the sacred and the archaic preservation of traditions, and the ability to influence these traditions, modernize them and make other people part of this vast culture called “Lakers”.

Chiku Hiro often credited with the ability to predict the actions of players on the court, but he did the same with the professional terms, the entertainment industry, music, lives of people. You see, quite a lot for a person whose profile profession seems to be the ability to fluently talk about how some people are trying to throw the ball into a basketball Hoop.

He died in August 2002 at the age of 85 years.

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