The lesson of “Spartacus” for team-players. The red-and-white defeated the leader of the “Avtomobilist”


Spartak without their head coach Oleg Znarka was interrupted by two series – and his team from Yekaterinburg. Muscovites won a well-deserved victory 4:2.


Defeat against HC “Sochi” (0:1), “Barys” (0:3 in Alma-ATA) and the beginning of a match with “Magnitogorsk” (3:4) upset fans of “Spartak”.

However, yielding in Magnitogorsk 0:4, red-white, rushed in pursuit of the three goals was score and was close to save the match.

When in Ekaterinburg Platt finished drawing excess with the participation of Holland and Sexton, there is little doubt that Spartak is waiting for another fourth loss in a row. Fans of red-and-white choir Khokhlacheva cursed, grabbing the stupid deletion in a strange area.

Could even the score Hursley, but missed with a penny, throwing with an awkward hand.

And still “Spartak” has shown character. Khokhlachov rehabilitated: at the gates of Covaria stole the puck from Sexton and immediately forwarded it to the near post Fedorov, who scored the goal. Before the siren on a break was exactly 1 second.

Goal so inspired by the guests they already in the first shift went ahead on a hybrid forwarding sensitively reacted Unicov. And after Rylov to the far post was rewarded with a goal Khokhlacheva a miracle-diagonal. All in all the guests went 49 seconds after the break.

Goal Hursley (the puck popped the gate from the ridge Swede) has not knocked Spartak out of the rut. The potters defender said gorgeous solo number. From an acute angle he sent the puck with a shovel in a narrow gap at the cross. The puck from the goalie mask Covaria flew into the net. In the third period, the hosts had almost no chance of escape. If to put outside the brackets a miss dose when forward visitors Talalaev shook a two-minute “period” for another stupid removal.

At the end of seven minutes the teams played in non-stop mode. Khokhlachov could score in the empty net, but he was caught, and the judges of the foul is not noticed.

“Spartak” has inflicted the first loss leader in the League and returned to Moscow with a shield. This victory is especially important for Harijs vitolinsh, who led the team in field tour. “Spartak” has surprised with inflexibility, can not be said about the team of Oleg Kononov, the victim of another defeat in Ufa after the early goal, the young defender Rasskazova.

source: “Soviet sport”

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