“The main thing is that it should not be taken out in parts.” Loko player stuck in Africa due to coup


“The main thing is that it should not be taken out in parts.” Loko player stuck in Africa due to coup

If clubs lose their players after the FIFA windows, it is often because of injuries. Lokomotiv risks losing its striker Francois Camano for an indefinite period for a rare reason – because of a coup in Guinea.

What happened?

The government in Guinea was overthrown by army special forces led by Colonel Mamadi Dumbuya. The rebels announced that 83-year-old President Alfa Conde, who had previously zeroed the presidential terms, is in their hands in a safe place. In his televised address to the citizens of Dumbuy, he explained that the military’s violent seizure of power was pushed by the poverty of the population and the high level of corruption.

“The duty of the soldiers is to save the country. We will finish the appropriation of power in our country. We will not entrust a politician to one person, but give it to the people. Look at the condition of our roads, look at the condition of our hospitals. This is enough to understand – it’s time to wake up. This is our duty, ”Dumbuya said to his fellow citizens.

Dumbuya also announced the dissolution of the government, the abolition of the current Constitution and the closure of the republic’s borders. Entry and exit to Guinea are blocked for two weeks. Among those stuck in the country was the legionnaire of Lokomotiv. On Monday, September 6, Camano was due to play for his national team with Morocco. But because of the coup, the match was canceled, and Kamano could not return to Russia promptly.

What do the football players say at the club?

Lokomotiv has already issued a statement on the events in Guinea.

Football club Lokomotiv has taken all possible actions at the moment and continues to monitor the development of the situation. François is in his home, in constant communication with the club’s staff, ”the club’s press service said in a statement.

Kamano himself confirmed to his colleagues from “SE” that everything is all right with him.

“Yes, I really can’t leave. Guinea’s borders are now closed. The Football Federation is negotiating so that players can join their clubs. As for the situation, so far neither I nor my family have any problems, everything is in order. I know that Lokomotiv is actively working for my arrival in Moscow. Many thanks to the club for this! We wait and hope that we can take off on our flights. “

How can Kamano get out and when can he do it?

Despite the efforts of Lokomotiv, it is still completely unclear when exactly Kamano will be able to count on returning to Moscow. One cannot count on FIFA’s help here, sports lawyer Mikhail Prokopets told the Championship about this.

“FIFA cannot influence Kamano’s return to Russia in any way. Unfortunately, they have no influence on these matters. In Afghanistan, FIFA provided some assistance in the evacuation of national teams together with the federations, but this is a “case-by-case”. The international federation has no direct responsibilities, only on the initiative. Kamano can now only rely on the help of the club, diplomatic channels and his agent. FIFA cannot say to let someone out, they are a public organization. I think that the military does not care about the statements of FIFA, they are busy with their own affairs. “

At the same time, the Russian Embassy in Guinea told us the following:

“Neither the footballer nor his representatives approached us. At the moment, flights from Conakry have been suspended. ”

Agent Dmitry Selyuk , who has extensive experience of working with African footballers , offered his help to Loko through the Championship .

“I am sure that this issue can be resolved. You just need to turn to those people who can help Lokomotiv and François. I will say this, if Lokomotiv turns to me – I will take Kamano out of Guinea!

Even, to put it simply, now nothing was moving due to the pandemic. People traveled through other countries. If everything is closed in Guinea, you can fly through a neighboring state. Move into it by car or bus. Yes, and Kamano earns so much that the issue is solved very easily: give a little money, and he will be taken out as you like and wherever you like. For Lokomotiv, the main thing is not in parts. “

In turn, Irina Filatova , professor of historical sciences at the Higher School of Economics, told the Championship that the most difficult thing for Kamano is to get out of the capital.

“While we are shown a picture of the allegedly held captive president, and on the other hand, they say that the picture can be falsified. You must first find out whether the coup took place or not. Our Foreign Ministry can find out by simply contacting Guinea and clarifying the situation.

Our Foreign Ministry, I think, has no direct ties with the Guinean army, which staged the coup. But there are diplomatic ties with the state itself. We can find out what is going on there, the embassy should be responsible for such questions.

The fact that it is impossible to close the borders of the state in Africa is absolutely true. Kamano can be safely taken to a neighboring country, from which he can fly to Russia. But if François is in the capital and it is really controlled by the military, the most difficult thing is to leave it. “


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