The main winter transfers in RPL: clubs prepare beginners for Cherchesov

“Spartak” spends the first workouts in the winter training camp, Alexander Kokorin scored their first goals for Zenit after his release, Fedor Chalova supposedly keeps the interest a number of clubs in the English Premier League, including rumours and Chelsea… Domestic football is gradually coming out of hibernation and returns to her usual leadership in the sports information space. The focus, as it usually happens in the winter break, the activity in our clubs on the transfer market.

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Of the European stars of the first magnitude, as in years past, today protracted belt team RPL and not thinking. The focus when searching for beginners now clearly made for the domestic market, and the main transactions with Russian clubs make with each other. Open transfer window in RPL will be until 21 February when the deadline for filing applications for beginners.

Home buying: Ivan Ignatiev in “Ruby”

At the moment the most significant winter purchase may be called the transfer of Ivan Ignatyev from “Krasnodar” in “Rubin”. Kazan paid 7 million euros for the striker by themselves, the amount of decent but not outstanding, that is not difficult to understand from the above table the most expensive purchases over the last calendar year.

Apparently, the way forward of the shrew, in relations with whom “Krasnodar” has repeatedly been in trouble, and the bulls now gone completely. Southerners hoped to the last to keep the ranks of his own talented pupil, but in the end Ivan was in Rubin, Leonid Slutsky.

Perhaps, for each of the parties to this transfer can be called the best. With all due respect to Ignatieff, the attack line of “bull” is hardly problematic. Forwards and attacking Midfielders that Russian that foreign passport in command of Murad Musayev abound. At the moment the bulls are interested in strengthening the line of defense, but not attack. 7 million — is not the ultimate dream for a young striker with a Russian passport, but the club had plenty of time to realize that it may at some point be left without compensation for young talent. Thus, the “Krasnodar” is not the loser.

Главные трансферы зимы в РПЛ: клубы готовят новичков для Черчесова

The plus and the player himself, who is such a wizard with the youth, the girl, will certainly get enough playing time in Kazan. Today for Ivan in merely minutes, which are able to open before him the road and in the national team and big clubs, and football in Europe. And a change of scenery Ignatiev will clearly benefit.

With regard to the club and the coaching staff, then citizens of Kazan have one of the most promising young Russian forwards. There is no guarantee that Slutsky will be able to grow a full-fledged star, the sale of which Rubin also will work over time, but the risk of such a purchase is minimal. Given the tender age of Ivan, at least to return to acquire funds in the coming years will not be difficult.

Perspective: where will Alexander Sobolev

For the best scorer of the “wings” there is a fairly strong demand, is easily explained by statistics, its performance in the first part of the championship. Alexander is on the list of the best snipers in the League, scoring 18 matches in RPL, each of which certainly came from the first minutes, 10 goals and making 3 assists.

At 22 Alexander had already received a call in the first team, which was invited Stanislav Cherchesov to replace Fedor Smolova. He delivered a blow, the ability to compete for the ball, good anthropometric data. But the main game feature is the Sobolev constant focus on the gate, which is so often lacking in tactile striker. If you have a choice: to break or to pass the ball, he strikes. However, such a football, the greed inherent in many young players.

It was reported that Dynamo Moscow have agreed on the transfer of Sobolev. Blue and white is really necessary driven forward, able not only to complete the attack, but his head. Statistically Sobolev fits perfectly — high performance, focus on the gate, a Russian passport. And age, which in this case is both strong and weak spot of Alexander. On the one hand, 22-year-old player is still in progress, with another — not the fact that the king is not naked. Let the situation here is quite similar to Ivan Ignatiev in “Ruby”, and their money a new team Soboleva with high probability at least discourage, to risk once again it is white-blue hardly makes sense. The Dynamo attack requires quantitative and qualitative gain, so that the players on the bench, not counting on him as the main, unnecessary extravagance.

Главные трансферы зимы в РПЛ: клубы готовят новичков для Черчесова

Understand that in “Wings of the Soviets”. Perhaps the best moment to sell striker Samartsev more and never will be. Admit quite often in conversations with football experts have heard quite restrained comments game Sobolev. That, they say, king for a day, what the first part of the championship became his minute of fame, for which no development will follow. So to lose their benefits already not fattening “wings” does not, and the messages that the forward traveled with the team for the first training camp in Belek, Turkey, is quite symptomatic.

But there was also a third party who had declared his interest in the striker, CSKA. First, the team would have been nice to have a replacement in case Fedor Chalov do to conquer the English championship. Without care Fedor’s red and blue strategically necessary for the forward high-variance attack, but not the fact that Sobolev is the best option. His potential appearance in the team of Viktor Gancharenko difficult to name point gain from the starting lineup. Rather, it is another attempt to find not the most expensive striker with an eye for a basis, but the probability to win in this lottery with a young player, unfortunately, not even 50 to 50, but much lower.

Castling in CSKA: Shkurin instead Nakamura

Speaking of the possibility of CSKA Sobolev, it is necessary to consider that in winter, the team joined the big forward is the best scorer of the championship of Belarus Ilya Shkurin. 20-year-old forward last national championship, took part in 26 matches, scoring 19 goals, allowing Ilya with a margin of 5 goals ahead of closest pursuer in the race scorers. In addition, on account striker 6 matches for the youth.

About the prospects shkurina CSKA can say about the same thing and Sobolev. This is a game in the future. And let, to make room for newcomers, left the team again loaned to Japanese Takuma Nishimura, never managed to find his way into the CSKA, the competition in the attack of the army quantitatively provided.

While red and blue do not leave hopes to find an experienced striker, able to start giving results. At least another striker in the winter to appear on the team needs. At such input even departure Chalova does not guarantee someone of the couple of Sobolev — Shkurin site.

What to expect: scatter whether the “Rostov”?

While it is possible to say that the financial difficulties “Rostov” waiting for spring at least one change — the symbol of the club in recent years Timofei Kalachev will be part of the coaching staff, joined in the winter. But what will happen to a nice team Valery Karpin in the future — we can only guess. Definitely will not be part of the Rostov defender Maciej wilusa the — 31-year-old pole will continue his career in “Ural”. Will it be possible to keep the core? This is not certain.

Sam Karpin claims that his team is not going to withdraw from the championship, but doubts about the integrity of the structure is experiencing. There is interest (and not only Russian clubs) to one of the leaders in the scoring race RPL Eldora Shomurodova — young Uzbek his performance drew the attention including scouts Schalke. There is no doubt that there will be no shortage of suggestions from Matthias Norman, Aleksei ionov and a variety of players, including the age of the Central Midfielders Pavel Mamayev, ivelina Popova and Roman Eremenko. So to keep from the sale of its leaders in the context of the terrible economy “Rostov” it will be extremely difficult.

Главные трансферы зимы в РПЛ: клубы готовят новичков для Черчесова

New chance: Dmitry Skopintsev Dynamo

The decision Skopintseva year ago to change the “Rostov”, in which he all had a fantastic night at “Krasnodar” has caused at least surprise. Yes, he was more a status and an ambitious club, but Dmitry didn’t understand that the bulls must fight for a place with one of the best laterals of RPL in recent years by Christian Ramirez, or overestimated their own capabilities, getting involved with the Ecuadorian in this fight. The result of the candidate for the national team of Russia and one of the best Brookneal championship Dmitry became a reservist.

And here is a new challenge. Yes, Dynamo is no shortage on the left flank of defense, where there are already Grigory Morozov, Konstantin Rausch and Zaurbek Pliev, but still in Moscow Skopintsev has a chance for minutes higher than in Krasnodar. Dmitry is not a classic left-back, a style of play more resembling Dmitry Kombarov or the already mentioned Ramirez, whose main element is the game in the opponent’s half of the field, not tackling. Dynamo options to enter the field from first minutes there will be more, especially if it is white-blue will choose the scheme with three Central defenders, which Skopintsev get your space on the sidelines.

Of course, not so simple. The team already has a skilled craftsman flanking aisles Rausch, who without a fight the edge will not give up, but if Krasnodar prospects Dmitry initially looked hopeless, then in Moscow, he will get another chance to prove himself at the most scarce position in the Russian football. In the national team, recall, left the defense played a 36-year-old Yuri Zhirkov or nominal Central defender Fedor Kudryashov, who turns 33 in April. Dmitry in March, will turn only 23, so now is the right time to knock at the doors of the national team, where he was waiting, perhaps, even more impatiently than Dynamo.

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