The most generous Masters! Indian Wells champions to win over $ 1.2 million


The most generous Masters! Indian Wells champions to win over $ 1.2 million

The Indian Wells Masters have been the most generous in the post-coronavirus era. The Californians fully retained the prize fund, and the winners were promised a check for more than $ 1.2 million. Recently, such amounts appeared only on the “Grand Slam”.

The Masters in Indian Wells are called the fifth “Helmet” for a reason. After all, only this tournament, like a similar competition in Miami, is held for two weeks. Both men and women play on the same courts. The grid is also designed for 7 laps, as in the “Helmets”, only 32 seeded start the fight from the second round. There were 96 participants in total. And the prize pool in Indian Wells has always been at a high level. Usually the tournament takes place in the first half of March, but in 2020 it was canceled due to the coronavirus, and in 2021 it was postponed to October.

Perhaps this transfer helped the organizers of Indian Wells to work with sponsors, and in the end they were able to claim a prize pool of 100% of the last draw in 2019 – $ 16,718,910. No other Masters in the post-coronavirus era is failed to do. Indian Wells has paid the same prize money for men and women since 2012. This means that the prize money for singles and pairs will be $ 8,359,455 for both men and women.

In addition to 1000 rating points, the winners of the tournament will take home a check for $ 1,209,730. For comparison, we note that in the post-coronavirus era of all the Masters, the largest check was previously awarded in Cincinnati 2021 – $ 654,815. Still, $ 1,209,730 is 10.66% less than the amount received by Dominic Thiem and Bianca Andreescu in 2019. That is, the Indian Wells prize pool remained the same, but the round amounts were redistributed in favor of the qualifiers and losers of the first rounds. So, the loser in the 1st round of qualification will receive $ 4,785, which is 40.94% more than in 2019. In general, the prize fund in Indian Wells has increased by 81.95% since 2012.

Distribution of prize money by rounds at the Masters in Indian Wells

Round 2021 2019 % change
Title $ 1,209,730 $ 1,354,010 -10.66%
The final $ 640,000 $ 686,000 -6.71%
1/2 finals $ 335,000 $ 354,000 -5.37%
1/4 finals $ 175,000 $ 182,000 -3.85%
4th circle $ 92,000 $ 91,205 0.87%
3rd circle $ 51,895 $ 48,775 6.40%
2nd circle $ 29,045 $ 26,430 9.89%
1st circle $ 18,155 $ 16,425 10.53%
Q2 $ 9,110 $ 6,790 34.17%
Q1 $ 4.785 $ 3,395 40.94%

Interestingly, for the first time since 2000, that is, in the entire 21st century, not a single representative of the Big Three – Federer, Nadal and Djokovic – will perform in Indian Wells. The last champion Dominic Thiem (2019) will also miss the tournament. And in general, this year in the grid there will not be a single winner of the previous years. So there will be a new champion in Indian Wells 2021. The seeding was headed by the 2nd number of the world classification, the recent triumphant of the US Open Daniil Medvedev.

Curiously, 25-year-old Medvedev was the oldest tennis player in the top 10 seeded. Two months younger than Russian Matteo Berrettini from Italy (5th seed). 24 years old Pole Khurkach (8) and German Zverev (3), 23 years old – Russian Andrey Rublev (4) and Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas (2), 22 years old – Norwegian Kasper Ruud (6) and Canadian Denis Shapovalov (9), 21 years old – Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassim (7), 20 years old – Italian Yannick Sinner (10).

Women among the top-rated tennis players and former champions also have losses. The Williams sisters, the first racket of the world Ashley Barty, four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka will not perform. And then there was news that the second racket of the world, Arina Sobolenko, already in California, received a positive test for coronavirus and was forced to go into self-isolation. But for the first time since her triumph at the US Open, 18-year-old Emma Radukanu will perform in an official competition. For several weeks she was engaged exclusively in social life – she went to television shows, film premieres, fashion shows – and now she is again picking up the racket. Since the application for Indian Wells was carried out even before the US Open, Emma was not included in the list of participants in the rating (she was the 150th racket in the world). However, the organizers of the tournament happily provided her with a wild card.

The draw for the women’s Indian Wells will take place on Monday 4th October. Qualification starts on the same day, and the main draw is on Wednesday, October 6. The men’s competition will start a day later.


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