The national team of Russia on hockey won third place at the Karjala Cup


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TASS, 10 Nov. Team Finland with the score 2:1 team beat Sweden in the final match of the first stage of the Euro tour – Karjala Cup. The meeting was held at “Hartwall Arena” in Helsinki.

In the national team of Finland goals scored, Mikko Lehtonen (4th minute) and Miro Aaltonen (26). The Swedes scored Olle of Using (32).

This Tempora Czech ice hockey team beat the Russians and won the Karjala Cup

Earlier on Sunday, the Czech team with the score 3:0 defeated the Russians for the second time became the winner of Karjala Cup. The Czech team scored eight points in three games. Second place went to the Finnish team, scored seven points, the Russians with two points were the third, the Swedes rounded out the standings with one point in the asset.

Eurotrip in its current form, takes place since 1996, each of the four permanent members – Russia, Finland, Czech Republic and Sweden – is one stage. At the end of last season the winner of the Euro tour was the team of Russia. The Russians nine times won the annual competition, the same number of victories of the Finns, the Swedes in the asset three victories, the Czechs won the overall standings of the Eurotour twice.

The Karjala Cup in the framework of the Euro tour is also conducted in 1996. The greatest number of victories in the tournament the hosts – 12. The Russian team has won the tournament eight times, the Swedes four, the Czechs or two.

The next stage of Euro tour – First channel Cup will be held in Moscow from 12 to 15 December.

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