The new leader, the streltsovskoye masterpiece, the expulsion of the elder and water Polo


FNL. 8-th round

  • “SKA-Khabarovsk” — “Mordovia” — 1:2
  • “Ray” — “The Seagull” — 1:1
  • “Tom ‘” — “Khimki” 0:0
  • “Spartak-2” — “The Textile Worker” — 1:2
  • “The Petrochemist” — “The Rotor” — 1:2
  • “Shinnik” — “Yenisei” — 0:0
  • “Torch” — “Armavir” — 0:2
  • “Chertanovo” — “Krasnodar-2” — 1:2
  • “Torpedo” — “Avant-Garde” — 3:1
  • “Baltika” — “Nizhny Novgorod” — 2:1

The match of the round

“Tom ‘” — “Khimki” 0:0. The motivation Tomic rolls over. Moreover, what made their blood boil after losing the “Rotor” interrupted their 19-match home series without defeat, so the game leader have announced a double bonus. However, the risk is still not about the team of Vasily Baskakov. In principle, such a football, and waited, cautious, at a pressure of guests. And the aggressive “Tom” played a cruel joke with Denis Talalay.

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Water wears away the stone: before the break “Khimki” have created two points with the participation of the best assistant of the tournament Polyarus. Andrey Talalaev told the truth, calling the Ukrainian player at the group stage of the Europa League. The question is, what midfielder do in Germany? In Tomsk, he could add to his statistics, two assists, but Koryan missed from the penalty box for a shot Aliyev to the delight of the photographers pulled Vavilin. In my opinion, nothing Talalaev replaced Polyarus, when the game moved format 10 at 11: sharpness in Khimki soon diminished. Although they could get three points, getting the curtain in an empty corner of the Masons.

The fact that “Tom” will have to fight only for a draw, it finally became clear in the 47th minute. Already having a yellow card, a year ago, played for “Khimki” Talalay unintentional, but rude stepped on the foot of Deduno and left the Siberians in the minority. Questions to Anatoly Zhabchenko no. Incidentally, this was the third match in the national football League for FIFA referee from the Crimea, previously serving in the championship of Ukraine, which was offered publicly to tear up the passport of the Russian Federation. Emotions from the owners after it was a lot. Believed they re-sue: with the “Rotor” Tomic, recall, a penalty was awarded for a violation that occurred outside the penalty area. But more importantly, that “Tom” is even more mobilized. Of the 18 strikes of “Khimki” most of it was for the statistics.

— A good game between two decent teams, said Talalaev. — It was possible through “not” to make myself even more pressure. There was a lot of struggle, but it was expected, Tomsk is a very organized, tenacious and tough team. I liked that my players did not allow sharp moments. In the second half, although we started to play 11 against 10, the fatigue took its toll. Failed the combinatorics below. Replacement Polyarus? We understand that Polyarus and Koryan know how to deliver the ball, to make unconventional decisions. Replacing them is a desire to open the defense due to the fast wingers. We released Kamenshchikova and Maewyn, and the two dangerous moments came after their actions.

“Yellow Jersey” of the tour

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“Rotor”. After defeating “Neftekhimik”, Volgograd topped the table, breaking the hegemony of the “Khimki”. The head coach of the Nizhnekamsk Yuri Utkelbaev have helped. Compared to the last match in Krasnoyarsk, he made part of six changes, but not that confused opponents and himself.

The feeling that “Rotor” is about to score, was from the first minute. The onslaught of the rotor converted into a goal Sultonov, although this goal, perhaps, on conscience Isupova. Three substitutions made by Utkelbaev at half — time was proof that his plan didn’t work. In the second half “Rotor” gave nominal owners (the game took place in Kazan) to breathe. Another bombing estate “Neftekhimik” ended with Sanaya discount on Mullin — 0:2. The pill is sweetened Makarov. It’s already the 6th goal 21-year-old midfielder. Guys in the national football League rising star!

Heroes tour

Daniel Utkin and Ivan Sergeyev. Both scored on the double. The leader of “Krasnodar-2” — in the match against “Chertanovo”, which follows. 24-year-old striker in the game with the “Vanguard” brought “torpedo” the strong-willed Victoria.

Yielding to the interval 0:1, black-and-white incendiary started the second half and dared the smokers. The first goal Sergeeva — a small masterpiece: it heel sent the ball into the net after a shot Samson. The great Eduard Streltsov would appreciate the trick of his successor. But with regard to the penalty implemented Sergeev… a Similar episode happened in the game “the locomotive” — CSKA, when the technological marriage made zhivoglajdov. Then Bezborodov appointed the 11-meter, but with VAR it annulled. The question of interpretation.

At the 69th minute at Avtozavodtsev debut novel Shishkin, which further cemented the “torpedo”. Sergei Ignashevich these games does not give. Has finished Smoking Zamoshnikov and bounce. The plant employees the same amount of points and Rotor, but worse goal difference.

“The gray beard” tour

Ilya Abayev. 38-year-old guardian of the gate “Chertanovo” 9 minutes played remarkably clumsily, having started a stroke of Saboa. The ball selected, loaded in the post and on the rebound was the first Utkin. The opportunity to restore parity “the dogs” was given immediately, but Saroli to “the point” is better suited: Adams firmly took the penalty. But the leader of the “Chertanovo” scored with a game. He repaired, he broke — it is about Adam, who continued the parade of the goalkeeper’s mistakes, dropping the ball. But the crucial word was left behind by Abievym. Utkin second goal in the 90th minute — it’s certainly not his fault, and Radikovich. However, Abaev could save, touching the ball after the “candle” Utkin. To sum up, the Chertanovo was cooked after returning from the Far East. Now unbeaten only “Khimki”.

Figures of the tour

451 a moment continued “dry” series goalkeeper “SKA-Khabarovsk” Igor Obukhov. 452 th it upset the defender of “Mordovia” Alexander Tenyaev, spacerowa with the “second floor”. The outsider took a sensational victory. Advantage increased Sergeyev, who had to stand up, to regain the ball and aiming to hit the corner — the last was not easy in those conditions in which the match took place. It was a hybrid of soccer and water Polo.

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Khabarovsk flooded. The drainage could not cope with this then water: a field turned into a swimming pool. Good that it’s still synthetic, not herbal. Perhaps the game would cost to cancel, but the next round on Sunday, and who would offset the costs, “Mordovia”, which has a hole in the budget? The sight was extreme. The players splashed in puddles, ran one-on-one, raised his hand to strike, and found that along the way … lost the ball. The match was interrupted to specially trained people with shovels and buckets to scoop water. But it’s fun! Russian Internet users are more unnerving display of both the far Eastern games on the platform of Yandex, the official broadcaster of Germany: the broadcast is constantly interrupted by advertising, scrolled back or on the screen out was not found.

— Said to have played forward, in any case, not across and back! — told at the match the head coach of “Mordovia” Marat Mustafin. — Of course, there were moments when the guys wanted to keep the ball, to play football, but we stopped. Grateful to the players for their dedication. Why not come Bazelyuk? He is treated in Saransk. For us now the task number one is to open the application. The management promised that all will be well. Train with us newbies, somebody who can rent, stay in touch. Now very limited clip, hard.


22 player was removed in 8 rounds. Pace record last season, when he was shown 94 red cards can be blocked long before the finish.

Coach tour

Denis Boyarintsev. Further, satiriste behaves with even the most modest part in the League Tekstilshchik. Ivanivtsi not become limp after two unfortunate fiasco at the start to the 95th minute and in the last three rounds, scored 7 points. Bearded Boyarintsev great preparing for opponents. Game of “Spartak-2” he laid on molecules: his players possess the technique, which was at boyarintseva-player could be 6:0. All these walls and rushing “Textile worker” — aesthetics in its purest form. Yummy! The hosts until the 85th minute, when distinguished Rudenko (he now has 6 goals too, like Makarova, Sergeeva and scored in the Voronezh Kalmykova from “Armavir”), didn’t write anything at all.

— Impressions of the game are the best — Boyarintsev not bustled. The guys spent a lot of effort. A lot has happened. Tried to win the ball and go in fast attack. A very interesting opponent we had, but he had to score.

We will add that match in Sokolniki was accompanied by a minute of silence in memory of the famous Spartak fan: Alex “Bakhyt”, through more than four visits, was killed in an accident on the road from Grozny.

Scandal tour

Yaroslavl. Every match with “Shinnik”, the passion for refereeing. Left from the penalty spot in Vladivostok, ruled out a clean goal with “the Textile worker, then let the citizens and made the Keeper of Ivanovo Smirnov, Ter-Stegen, and Alexander Pobegalov again in anger.

At the 67th minute, defender “Yenisei” kleschenko pulled in the box by the shoulder nizamutdinova. The captain of the “Shinnik” may have fallen too impressive. And yet a penalty was more than not. Yuri cat opinion was different: he gave the elder a yellow card. Then he heard from that very impassioned speech. Can not cope with the emotions 38-year-old Nizamutdinov in the end, enough for a third career red card, roughly politisches under the same kleschenko. Confrontation masters — Pobegalov with Yuri Gazzaev — ended is not peaceful, although natural draw.

— First impression: Eldar just grabbed for the shirt! — was indignant Pobegalov. — He says that not only Mike, but also for something. Moment the second card was in my eyes: he was in combat, put a foot on the ball, and then broach the opponent he hits him in the leg and screams. Eldar did not play in the bone!— Thought the second card was shown Nizamutdinova after you sharply spoke to the assistant judge, — from the audience.— I spoke correctly! No insults, no pressure. The card shown by the referee. It is necessary to distinguish intentionally rough play and the contact that happened. The ball flew freely! Unfortunately, the third game talking about the officiating. Called Yegorov, but things are there. You watched the episode of the match with “the Textile worker”? Samodio pulled the shirt like a sail. You all saw it! Another deuce judge.

Hopeless tour

“Nizhny Novgorod”. “Baltika”, of course, should be commended. She comes to life. And true to itself as part of the production heads-beauties: what is Markin that the Glushkov juicy discharged the gun from outside the penalty area. The first victory of Kaliningrad at home!

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But “Lower”… I will Not re-start a broken record about the fact that Dmitry Cheryshev — the road to nowhere for the Volga club — but all very sad. Paliyenko — who, if not he or Portnyagin? — gave the visitors hope of equalizing the score. However, by the middle of the second half, they ran out of gas and the sending-off khozina gave them no hopes to get at least a draw. 7 yellow (one of which Cheryshev) plus removal. Anarchy!

Rock tour

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Luch. 45 matches before the meeting with Chayka held without substitutions, the goalkeeper and the captain “the Beam” Alexander Kotlyarov, the champion of last season in the national football League by the number of games with “zero” (19). Place the veteran in a frame “tiger” seemed as obvious as that the sun rises in the East. But 14 goals, missed by Kotlarova 7 opening rounds, made of Rustem Khuzina to trust the “limitchik” Ponomarenko. The situation is not changed. On the “Beam” hung a rock: tough, moments create a lot, but to bring the case to the end can not. This time it have failed, we substitute Nasadyuk, grabbing two yellow to the 65-th minute when the score was 1:0. Draw the debutant FNL brought leased from “Krasnodar” Tekuchev.

— Given the chance, as a young man, he showed himself commented Khuzin. To Ponomarenko I have no complaints. When we scored, a mistake by the defender. The opponent had one chance and he used it, and we had six. We have a team of 24 players and leaves the one who is better prepared at the moment. We put him on the bench only those who looks worse. This is not punishment, but a necessary measure. Not a good life we do. The competition has not been canceled.

Quote of the tour

Dmitry Quiet, the captain of “Khimki” (in an interview

— In Tomsk cool fans! It was nice when they shouted: “Dima! Quiet!” If it came to a Kitchen (Ilya Kukharchuk injured. — Approx., the cries would be more his in Tomsk love even stronger. What are the goals of “Khimki”? Primitive answer: to win every match. That’s what I say, and coach us so configures.

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