The pilot “Formulas-1” Kvyat explained why he chose a Dutchman Verstappen


Grand Prix of Spain racing in the class machines “Formula-1” ended sensationally. In the first place of the podium was the pilot from the Netherlands, Max Verstappen. In light of the recent publicity this event has assumed special importance.

photo: AP

Max Verstappen

The fact that Max now — the youngest driver in history who conquered the biggest prize of any country. Admired, when it did at the time, 21-year-old Sebastian Vettel (now 4-time world champion), and our triumph is complete only 18. Think about it!

But even this is not the most important thing. After the Russian Grand Prix for his place in the cockpit of one of the top teams of the world championship Red Bull Racing has lost a pilot because of Russia Daniil Kvyat. He left “the Formula-1” does, because RBR is a subsidiary of the Toro Rosso team. By many it was perceived as an insult, but “f-1” is devoid of sentiments: this is pragmatism, a thirst for money and good judgment. Verstappen, around the person which in the off-season started a real “clash of the titans,” was in the end in the Toro Rosso, and here’s the bombshell! In may, the leadership team makes the castling, sending Kvyat probation down the ladder, while elevating a guy who according to European law prize sparkling-it is still impossible.

Of course, Max has already surpassed father Jos Verstappen, at one time speaking in one team with Michael Schumacher and the former pale shadow of the genius of all time. Victory in the first race on the new machine, outset, not a record — this has already happened. A reshuffle undertaken by RBR is not a consequence of the conflict with Quatum and not a reaction to his “aggressive driving” in Sochi. Just Austrians have relied on young talent from the Country of tulips and believe in him more than in the Russian racer. At the Grand Prix of Spain they proved the correctness of decisions that will be further — will show the world Cup.

The only argument against max — the fact that his victory was helped by the gift: a conflict between the two leaders world championship Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. At the same time, Verstappen was no lack of experienced rivals and world Champions of different years — the aforementioned Vettel or Kimi Raikkonen at a faster Ferrari. He kept his attack and he came out the winner. As for Kvyat, his 10th place and 1 point to the Treasury of the new-old team — today, a great result. Who knows what was going through his mind the last few days…

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