The playoffs in the NHL starts on August 9, the new season will start on 1 December


Became known the exact date of the remaining part of the season in the NHL and the start of the new regular season.

July 10 — open training camp in season 2019/20

July 24 — the team are moving to the city hubs (apparently, Toronto and Edmonton)

July 25 — exhibition matches

July 30 — start of the qualifying tournament

9 August — the start of the first round of the Stanley Cup

23 Aug — the second round of the Stanley Cup

6 September — the conference finals

September 20 — the Stanley Cup finals

from 25 September to 8 October — you can buy the contracts of the players

October 2 — the last seventh finals match-up if required

6 October — draft of beginners of NHL

9 Oct — the opening of the free agent market

from October 20 to November 8 — the proceedings in arbitration contracts

November 14 — will start training camp before the season 2020-21

November 15 — players will be paid the first salary after the epidemic

December 1 — the official start of the regular season

Recall that the regular championship of NHL has been completed ahead of schedule. The season will resume with the stage of the playoffs, with the participation of 24 teams.

Note that usually the regular season starts in early October. Thus, the NHL lags behind the usual schedule for a couple of months.

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