The police disrupted the Brazil – Argentina match! They tried to deport footballers straight from the field


The police disrupted the Brazil – Argentina match! They tried to deport footballers straight from the field

South America never ceases to amaze. The main and most long-awaited event of the game day in the selection of the 2022 World Cup was the meeting between the national teams of Brazil and Argentina in Sao Paulo. Classic football, but it didn’t smell like football.

Before the match, the news flashed with lightning: the Brazilian authorities wanted to deport four football players of the guests playing in England. The fact is that Great Britain is included in the “red zone”, therefore, upon arrival from there to Brazil, everyone is obliged to spend two weeks in quarantine. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, midfielder Emiliano Buendía (both Aston Villa), defender Cristian Romero and midfielder Giovani Lo Celso (both Tottenham), while crossing the border, were assured that they had not been to England in the last 15 days. In fact, all four just a week ago participated in the Premier League matches (or at least were in reserve).

The deception was revealed, but not quickly enough. After the decision to deport the violators, the police were sent. The staff arrived at the hotel, but the Argentines were not there – they had already left for the stadium.

Meanwhile, the match began. And it started hot. The players began to beat each other on the legs, the atmosphere was heating up, but after five minutes of the game, the attention turned to something more interesting. In the technical area, from where the coaches usually tell their players, a scuffle began. The referee suspended the match, after which a man who had nothing to do with any of the national teams entered the field. The Argentines tried to send him back, and he began to push – a new scuffle began. Apparently, it was a representative of the Ministry of Health, which initiated the deportation of the players. The police were also at the scene.

Realizing what was happening, the Argentine national team players went into the locker room, leaving only Lionel Messi on the field , who, as captain, entered into lengthy negotiations. The confusion lasted endlessly: the players went to the under-stands, then returned to the locker room, the Brazilians were divided and were everywhere, and Messi, Neymar and Dani Alves talked and laughed. This is football!

Against the background of what was happening, a vivid theory appeared: the Brazilians deliberately set up a scandal in order to disrupt the match. Unlike the rival, some of whose representatives went to the cunning, the hosts approached the game in a weakened composition. Most of the stars were not released from the Premier League to the national team. Just admire these names: Alison Becker, Ederson, Thiago Silva, Fred, Fabinho, Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison . In addition, Zenit players Malcolm and Claudinho flew to Russia .

Even Messi seems to be in favor of this version. His quote is self-explanatory: “We have been here for three days. They were waiting for the start of the match to enter the field and disrupt the game. Why do they make us play? ” Leo also called the situation a disaster.

According to the latest information, Argentine violators have already admitted that they lied when crossing the border. At the same time, they locked themselves in the locker room and did not let the police in.

At the moment, Brazilian footballers remain on the field. There is less and less faith that the match will continue. I wonder if the hosts will be punished for technical defeat for breaking the game? We are waiting for the development of events.

To understand the situation, the alignment in the qualifying group is now as follows: Brazil with 21 points is in first place, Argentina (15) – in second. At the same time, the Argentines are 3 points ahead of Ecuador and six – Uruguay and Colombia. Four teams will go directly to the 2022 World Cup, the fifth will play in the play-offs.

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