The police filed charges against the model who said rape Him


© AFP 2019 / FRANCK FIFENeymar/Nagile TrindadeПолиция предъявила обвинения модели, заявившей об изнасиловании Неймаром

The police of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo presented a model Naila Trindade, who previously accused the football team of Brazil and the French “Paris Saint-Germain” Neymar of rape, allegations of fraud, defamation and extortion, Reuters reported.

In June, the Brazilian media reported on the woman who said that Neymar raped her during her stay in Paris. According to the woman, the crime was committed on may 15 in one of the hotels of Paris. The application she filed in Brazil, as, according to her, was emotionally shaken and was afraid to contact the police in another country.

According to the media, the woman subsequently changed her story, telling the lawyers that the relationship with Neymar at the hotel was consensual, but during the next player has used force and raped her. Neymar pleaded not guilty.

Later, the media reported that Trindade allegedly demanded from the player money in exchange for a video that confirms her allegations against the football player was not made public. The video was never published, as previously, the model reported the theft of a tablet with video evidence against the player from her apartment.

In August, a Brazilian court closed the case due to insufficient evidence. As a result of investigation it was established that Neymar has not committed any crime, and the testimony of women was discovered many contradictions.

In a police statement made Tuesday, it is also reported that allegations of fraud brought against the former husband of model Actions the Alves.

As the Agency with reference to Bi-bi-si, the lawyer Trindade said that the allegations had caught him by surprise and his client rejected.

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