The President of the Italian footballers ‘ Association: There are fears that the season ends here


The head of the Italian footballers ‘ Association (AIC) Damiano Tommasi has said that the Italian League may not resume.


Earlier, the sports Minister of Italy Vincenzo Spadafora said he will propose to extend the blocking of sports competitions at all levels throughout April.

“After the Minister Spadafora, there are fears that the season will end. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of the end of the season with sports and contractual points of view.

As for wage cuts, we’re looking for, if possible, a General solution. Juventus has moved forward in this matter, but what they did didn’t surprise us.

If between clubs and players there is no dispute, we are not obliged to intervene. If they found an agreement, that’s fine” — quoted by Tommasi “Soviet Sport”.

Recall that the pandemic is in the early stages of all sports competitions in Italy have been suspended.

The President of Federation of football of Italy (FIGC) Gabriele Gravina noted that the championship can be resumed in may.

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