The purpose Morozov President of the KHL hockey formed a perfect picture


The Kontinental hockey League has received the new President. They became legendary by the standards of the KHL Alexei Morozov.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Someone, however, is down called a transitional figure. Temporary — to call to Russia of the head of the IIHF (International ice hockey Federation) the Varyag, read — Swiss Rene Fasel.

I think such talk is put aside.

First, Fasel may calculate that operational work is to address him not too interesting. And ask, for example, for the post of head of the Board of Directors is more honorable, so to speak. Whether it will agree (Yes, the same Gennady Timchenko, is now occupying the chair) — the question, of course, another. But the logic in such developments can be traced.

Secondly, Morozov himself is quite able to become the President of the KHL for a long time. And the one mentioned already legendary, he’s only using. Something even Alexei reminds me of Tretiak — discounts on Russian (much less medals than the Soviet) era, of course. (Vladislav Alexandrovich — the President of Federation of hockey of Russia and 3-time Olympic champion in case you don’t know.)

A kind of perfect hero, the perfect face of our hockey, don’t you think? And from the point of view titles: won Olympic silver (if you take the teams with the strongest squads — our main achievement there); twice won the championship of the world, including in historic Quebec 2008 won; in the NHL two times the Cup was taken, but still was in that “AK the leopard” the main star — the only one 5 goals per game throwing… And from the point of view of the image: clubs rarely changed (first — native “wings of the Soviets”, where the course was fearit and get quote, a little tinkering, the then popular song “Oh, frost!”, then departure to the “Pittsburgh penguins”, where the entire 7 seasons was delayed, then nearly 10 years in Kazan, well and just finished a career season with CSKA), the family of exemplary, beautiful wife Irina, neither more nor less than four children with the godfather Ilya Kovalchuk, who now, by the way, has shown once again hockey America gruel!

Yes, I remember, did Morozov interview to “MK” 7-8 years ago. And he remembered that with special warmth spoke about the family-relatives — just a great father, husband, friend… Yes, actually, it’s almost everyone around him instantly to you and confirm.

Someone, of course, doubted that he was on such a high post enough stiffness. But who said that knows how to “cut meat” managers always get their way, and those who prefer to work on-good, on the contrary, fold the wings? Or it can be different so what-what, and the persistence and even obstinacy, the new President of the KHL does not hold. And as for the ability to spread its wings — the same to him. Sochi know.

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