The Russian final will not. Rublev lost in the fourth round of the US Open

You’re already dreaming about a possible Russian final at the US Open? Alas, Andrei Rublev was not able to accompany Daniil Medvedev in the top eight at the U.S. Open. In the fourth round, he lost to Matteo Berrettini from Italy– 1:6, 4:6, 6:7 (6:8).

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– When you’re hungry and we ate a little bit, I want to eat even more! A win – approximately the same situation – said here the other day Anastasia Potapova.

Actually, America did not open. All know – because the appetite comes during eating. And we are so hungry for tennis success! Especially our men.

For all zero Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Marat Safin, Nikolay Davydenko and Mikhail Youzhny almost climbs out of the quarterfinals on “Helmets”. It seemed normal that someone from the Russians, makes its way to the top 8 in the major. And then – as cut off. After the success of the South at the US Open in 2013, when in the quarterfinals, he lost to Djokovic, we for a long time forgotten about these results. While in 2017, also in new York, still young, 19-year-old Rublev suddenly interrupted this “drought”.

And because of Andrew then none of such did not expect! No, it was aware that he was very talented. What he is promising. He is good on fast courts (although ground was won the Junior “Roland Garros”, and the first adult ATP title he also took on the clay courts in the same 2017 in Umag). But to the young Russians confidently beat located at the peak of the form of Grigor Dimitrov, to the heap – David Goffin, of Alag Bedene and Damir of Jumhuri – didn’t count on this one. Stop Rublev could only Nadal. Confidently and easily. Although he admitted that Andrew surprised him – the level of tennis that showcased. And predicted a great future opponent.

Parallel to the elite was torn two more Russians Karen Khachanov and Daniel Medvedev. Two years ago, they only entrenched in the top 100. Last season closer to the top 10. This is finally it included. Karen took the first “masters” in Paris in November. Medvedev – this August, in Cincinnati. But it was the “Big hats” have long worked to repeat the result of Rublev. Khachanov did it in Paris – she reached the quarterfinals of the “Roland Garros”. Medvedev – a few days ago, this US Open. And Andrew… Andrew was already close to the second hit in the top 8 in the “Helmet”. And again at the tournament in new York.

Российского финала не будет. Рублев проиграл в четвертом круге US Open

If Khachanov and Medvedev all the time was on the rise, Rublev was waiting for shocks. In the form of injuries. Back problems undermined him over the last year. In the spring he injured already in hand – and was forced to miss the entire clay season, including the “Grand slam” in Paris. The long absence of practice, the fall in ranking, the need to re-pave the way to the top (the top position of the ranking was 31st place, six months ago, he flew out of the top 100) – all beat with confidence. Affect the stability of performances. Rublev long time could not recover. I was astonished by the cool games, we lost to unknown rivals. Everything changed after Wimbledon. When in the course of two months, Andrew played the final in the Hamburg quarter-finals in Cincinnati and Winston-Salem, face was launched in new York and scored three victories over opponents from top-10. Including not only Dominique Tim (his Rublev beat in Germany) or Zizipus Stefanos (Greek lost to the Russian in the first round of this US Open). But the Federer – tennis icon Andre “made” in Ohio.

Do you remember about the appetite? Of course he went! After such success, and watching cool tennis Rublev – strong, incredibly aggressive, a stable, a sign of character and class we’ve seen him in the quarterfinals! And even in the semi-finals in new York. Where a grid could make it about Rafa. Again. And there, who knows how it would have turned out?

Alas, no matter how hungry you may be, but the chef on the table serves not always His match in the fourth round in new York Rublev lost. And, in General, lost the case.

Российского финала не будет. Рублев проиграл в четвертом круге US Open

Matteo Berrettini – also no fool. He’s only a year older than Rublev (1996). He spends his best season – has scored in the top 20. And obviously reaching for the stars of his generation – by Hazanovym, Medvedev, Ticipation and Zverev, gnawing their place in the elite. This year the Italian has already taken two titles and on the ground (in Budapest), and on the grass (in Stuttgart). It looks great on any courts. He’s tall (196 cm). And strong. Able powerfully to serve. To play aggressively. But the important thing is – like Medvedev, he feels confident in long rallies. Matteo can fail, can fight back twisted and cut, able to tear down and use the slightest chance to counterattack.

This is Rublev could not quell.

If Zizipus as Nick Kirios in the third round, played from attack, and was just not ready to beat at a pace of Andrew, the runner, Berrettini put the Russians to a standstill. Similar in style player Gilles Simon in the second round defended all set, starring in the end due to injury. Required practices Rublev did not have. But before understand how to fight with Matteo, has already managed to give him two games.

First – so entirely without a struggle. With the score 1:6.

Who knows how it would have turned Andrew hook the third set? Because he could! Played the break when Seth 5:6. Battled back from 2:5 in the tiebreak. He managed to earn a set point. But alas, Berrettini clinging to this match as a bulldog, still leant Rublev in three sets. Perhaps you know – otherwise you may not survive. And so used his best chance for the first time in his career to reach the quarter-finals of the US Open. Hence – and such a joy Matteo after winning points. He really played amazing! And deserve your success.

And we… Well, we’ll be sad that the two Russians in the top 8 on “the Slam” right now to see could not. But there is a feeling that it will happen. And – in the near future. He proved that deserves a place in the elite – Khachanov with Medvedev (he Karen at the tournament and was eliminated in the first round, but it happens).

Let’s see how everything goes in Australia.

source: “Soviet sport”

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