The Russian national team has problems with the forwards playing at Euro. Whom should Karpin put on the attack?


The Russian national team has problems with the forwards playing at Euro. Whom should Karpin put on the attack?

Valery Karpin ‘s debut in the Russian national team is getting closer. In just three weeks, our national team, led by a new coach, will play three matches per week in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round – with Croatia (September 1, at home), Cyprus (September 4, away) and Malta (September 7, at home) … Karpin promised bold football, which means we are expecting a large number of goals against the opponents, at least in the second and third games.

But the question is – who will score these goals? It seems that at this stage, Karpin should not rely on the forwards who were in the application of the Russian national team for Euro 2020. Dziuba , even if you forget his relationship with this coach, does not hit the goal from the game for seven matches – three at Euro 2020, in the Russian Super Cup and three in the RPL.

In Sobolev statistics are no better: “Spartak” last time he was distinguished with the game on May 3 at the 28th round of the last championship, when disappointed “Arsenal”. Then he scored against Khimki from the penalty spot and left the field without a goal in the meeting with Akhmat. In the new RPL season, Alexander still has one goal from the “spot” against the Krylia Sovetov goal. With Benfica in the Champions League qualification, Sobolev was simply lost on the field. At the European Championship, he played only 40 minutes, leaving for substitutions in matches with Finland and Denmark, and was marked there with only one effective action – he earned a penalty. And that one is in an unobvious situation: another judge could have regarded the fall of the center-forward of “Spartak” as diving. True, shortly before Euro 2020, Sobolev scored for the Russian national team in a friendly match with Bulgaria. But again – from the penalty spot.

Obviously, Dziuba and Sobolev did not have time to properly prepare for the season due to Euro 2020. In July-August, Zabolotny looked better in motion and sharpness, scoring from the game against Ufa and taking part in the scoring attack in the derby with Dynamo. However, as luck would have it, there were problems with him: the center forward of CSKA received a muscle injury. It remains to wait for the examination in order to understand when Anton will return to duty. But the main thing is in what condition it will be by September 1.

The Russian national team has problems with the forwards playing at Euro.  Whom should Karpin put on the attack?

Karpin is still trying to avoid specifics, answering questions about the composition of the Russian national team. His comments regarding Dziuba suggest that our national team may have a new captain due to the failure to call the old one. The coach is also in no hurry to confirm rumors about the choice in favor of Sobolev, perhaps for the reason that he is not impressed by the state of the center-forward of Spartak.

“All Russians are candidates. They say that I made a choice in favor of Sobolev? I don’t know who’s saying what, ”Karpin snapped, talking to reporters at the Spartak – Nizhny Novgorod match. Indeed, Valery Georgievich is in a difficult situation before the opening. Please ask the head coach of “NN” Alexander Kerzhakov to resume his career!

Here are the midfielders at the start of the 2021/2022 season please with their performance: Erokhin hammered five goals in four matches (including the Super Cup), Fomin – four, Zhemaletdinov – three. And, for example, Kuzyaev tops the list of RPL assistants with three assists and scored against Lokomotiv in the Super Cup. A reason for Karpin to think about playing without clean forwards, with a false nine.

After three rounds of the RPL, only two Russian forwards have more than one goal. Two goals were scored by … Komlichenko, who was playing under Karpin in Rostov this summer . In the meeting with Zenit, he converted the penalty, which he himself earned. With Khimki I used my chance from the game. Smolov from Lokomotiv has the same number of goals . But it seems that Fedor’s relationship with the national team is already history, and not a topic of the present and the future. The 2018 World Cup sits too deeply as a thorn in the heart of the 31-year-old railroad striker. Although it will not be surprising if Karpin wants to check Smolov.

Perhaps, in these circumstances, the new coach of the Russian national team should rely not on the qualities of a particular striker, but on an efficiently working team. Choose from all the candidates the one to whom Komlichenko lost the competition at Dynamo. Speech, as you might guess, about Tyukavin, whose bond with Zakharyan continues to delight not only Dynamo fans: the 19-year-old striker and the 18-year-old midfielder give the team powerful volume and the ability to play at speed, and, in addition, they understand each other well on the field. Their contribution to the fact that Dynamo shares the first place with Zenit and Rubin is really great. The forward has a goal in Rostov and a penalty earned in Ufa. The station wagon midfielder has a goal in Rostov and earned a penalty in the derby with CSKA. Yes, they are still young and inexperienced in terms of performing at a high level, but who should they be afraid of? Cyprus with Malta? Or maybe Lovren , whom the guys see every week in the Russian championship?

Sandro Schwartz at Dynamo is teaching Zakharyan and Tyukavin to play daring football. Modern, intense. And, perhaps, Karpin still hasn’t named his favorite in the attack just because he was not asked about Tyukavin.

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