The Russian team suffered their second consecutive defeat in the super Series


  • In the first two matches of the super Series team Bragin shared the victory with the team League, Quebec
  • The next opponent, team of the Ontario League, is traditionally considered the most difficult for the Russian youth team
  • Russia lost 1:4, having dry lesions only at the last minute

Even after the first match, it seemed that the Russians will have problems in the super Series. First, the canadian Junior League has always had decent rosters, which team Russia was formed unimpressive statistics. However, every year our youth team had more specific difficulties. This time there were fears that the team Valery Bragin nobody can replace the impact of three Zavgorodniy — jovanov — Sokolov. So much rested on the players playing in North America. Of the seven goals in the matches against team QMJHL Khovanov Zavgorodniy and does not participate in only one.

To play in the super Series against team Ontario representatives of other Junior leagues impossible. So Valery Bragin has reshaped the offensive line and made one change in defence. Instead of Hleb Babintseva a few defense Mikhail Gordeev Nikita made up of Ojetuk of “Ottawa 67”.

In the attack a lot harder. Valery Bragin St. Petersburg broke the top three, removing Morozov from Safonova and Podkolzina and putting on the flank Grosheva. Forward “SKA-Neva” went to the third link to Rtishchev and Rothenberg. And Egor Afanasiev of the “Windsor” — the three to Ilya Kruglov and Vladislav Mikhailov, players of Moscow “Dynamo”.

In addition, as in the first game, the place in goal was taken by Daniel Isayev.

Of course, the units lacked understanding. Meanwhile, at the beginning of the meeting, the Russians lost a few chances. The most real chance was Maxim Groshev, intercepting the puck and broke down the flank to the goal dose. Forward “Neftekhimik” did not hit the target. Then in one scene, Ivan Morozov not too successfully cleared a Nickel, in violation of the rule. Team OHL has implemented the most in this meeting.

Team Ontario — team turned out to be cheerful. After pucks canadian hockey players still actively raced in the attack. Soon Daniel Isayev once again had to pull the puck out of the gate. The opponent managed nice combination, concluded that Perfetti.

The Russians tried to respond, but really dangerous moments at the gate dose not arise. The situation has not changed in the second period. The Americans dominated possession and had another scoring attack in the 27th minute. One of the favorites of the NHL draft-the 2020 Quinton Byfield passed to Connor Macmike that’s compelling cast.

Having mid-match “+3” team OHL might want to slow down and experiment. By the way, in the 31st minute Ontario changed the goalkeeper. Work have released Cedric andrie was more than a partner. Especially in the final period. Closer to the end of the match almost scored the Basil Podkolzin, who in two periods is remembered fine.

The Russian team their moments were missed. But the Canadians three minutes before the siren scored again. Akil Thomas caught the mistake of the Russians in a strange area and beat Isayev.

The team of Valery Bragin was able to still get away from the “dry” defeat in the last minute. The author of the only goal of the Russians was Vladislav Mikhailov.

Team Ontario League won a landslide and deserved victory. Unfortunately, in contrast to the first match of the super Series, today our team was not honored on the comeback. That is not visible leaders, which led to the teammates, as Khovanov and Zavgorodniy. However, still ongoing acclimatization. So it is quite likely, Russia will add during the super Series. Head coach Valery Bragin after the game saidthat the third game is the most difficult.

Today we had a fresh enemy, full of energy. We played two difficult games, was the fifth day of acclimatization. The guys felt that they heavy. The third game of the super Series — the difficult third game in four days, the opponent after the holidays. But in this situation it is interesting to look at players.

Re-match against team OHL will be held Tuesday at 03:00 Moscow time.

Youth Super Series-2019

Canada (U-20) (OHL) — Russia (U-20) — 4:1 (2:0, 1:0, 1:1)

Goals: Dellandrea, 5:12 (Bal.). Perfetti, 8:36. Macmail, 26:40. Thomas, 56:50. — Mikhailov, 59:17.

The account in a series — 2:1.

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