The Russians have already won the 202 Olympic Committee Tokyo 2020


The national Olympic Committee of Russia defends the interests of his team. “Lawyers work. The team will be formed. Will make everything that Russian national team played at the Olympic games in Tokyo under the colors of the Russian tricolor”. These words of the President of the Olympic Committee of Russia Stanislav Pozdnyakov can be considered short and the main outcome of the Executive Committee of the ROC, held in a purely working environment. Россияне уже завоевали 202 олимпийские лицензии Токио-2020

In last year’s match against Uganda national team players of Russia on basketball 3×3 showed sportsmanship. Photo: OCD

However, first summarized the presentations at the III winter youth Olympic games in Lausanne, Switzerland, where thanks to the victory of our hockey players on the last day made it to the unofficial winners of the team competition.

And then we started talking about the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Lot of things for us will be decided in the court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne the same. First, some experts have suggested that the court could drag on for months, almost to the start of the Games. But no, as are experts, the verdict on our athletes will be submitted in may.

Meanwhile, for 162 days before the Games, the Russians won the 202 Olympic licenses. In the last world Championships (2019, 2020) summer Olympic sports we go the third – 69 medals. Ahead USA – 89 medals and China – 87.

By the way, the Chinese have recently advised all partners in the sport about to cancel or postpone their planned international competitions until mid-April of this year. In sports and in our entire life intervened epidemic of dangerous disease.

But the coronavirus or coronavirus, and Fair Play – sportsmanship, neither he no courts not affected. The Executive Committee of winners of the national awards Fair Play. The list of 17 winners. This means that in 29 years of existence, the number of awarded diplomas has risen to 714. 17 from the noblest to the competition of the International Committee of Fair Play presented by the Russian men’s team in the new Olympic discipline of 3×3 basketball. At the World beach games in Doha (Qatar) in September last year, she did a really unprecedented in the history of basketball act. When a player of the opposing team Uganda got injured and to replace his opponent had no one, we have decided, then play two on two. The third basketball player of Russia stand by and missed in the corner. The team still won the match, and at the World beach games. Now it would be good to win and in a friendly dispute contenders for the international trophy “the Gesture of the year Fair Play”.

Everything will be done to the Russians competed in the summer Games in Japan under the colors of our tricolor

And then on the spur of the moment Executive Committee was invited to note the outstanding achievements the winner of nine Olympic gold medals Larisa Semyonovna Latynina, which before the beginning of the meeting, presented the Olympic order in connection with the 85th anniversary. We will put forward great Latynina on competition of the international trophy for Fair Play for the observance of the principles of fair play throughout her long and distinguished sports career.

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