The star of the American rings was allowed to fight on doping. Double standards in all its glory


The star of the American rings was allowed to fight on doping. Double standards in all its glory

On the night of September 11 Moscow time in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) a professional boxing tournament will be held, in the main event of which the WBC world champion in the second featherweight champion, the unbeaten Oscar Valdez, and the contender for the title, who also did not know bitterness, will meet defeats to pro Robson Conceicao from Brazil.

Both fighters are not very popular on our side of the Atlantic. Many boxing fans should remember them well from their fights with Vasily Lomachenko as amateurs, but no more. But now increased attention is riveted to the fight of athletes, and all because of the doping scandal that happened a few days before the fight. But first, let’s tell you in more detail what the participants in the battle are.

Who are Valdes and Conceicao

As mentioned above, both boxers can be remembered for their amateur fights with Vasily Lomachenko . This is especially true of Conceizao. At the World Championships in Baku in 2011, the judges, with the total advantage of the Ukrainian, managed to give the victory to Robson, but after an operational protest from the Ukrainian side, the decision was changed, which was almost the only such case in history. After the athlete, he devoted himself to the amateur ring for another five years. Having won gold at the Rio Olympics, he moved to the pro. Since then, he has had 16 fights, winning all of them. Thanks to this, he reached the title fight. Now he will face the main test of his career in the person of Valdez.

Oscars in the United States have long established themselves as the star of American rings. But before that, he had a good career in amateurs. In 2009, he became the first Mexican in history to ever win a World Championship medal. At the tournament in Milan, he received a bronze medal, losing in the semifinals to Lomachenko. After that, he played for several more years in amateurs and took silver at the 2011 Pan American Games. Well, soon after that Oscar went to the pro. Having filled up good statistics, in 2016 he entered the featherweight title fight and became the WBO world champion. For a long time, he dominated this division. And not so long ago I moved to the second featherweight category. In January 2021, the boxer conquered this weight too, knocking out Miguel Bercheltand thus winning the title in the second category. By the way, the knockout in that fight is still the main candidate for the “knockout of the year”, which further increased the star status of the Mexican.

Now Valdez is waiting for the first defense of the WBC title, but already before the fight it turns out to be scandalous.

What’s the doping story?

On September 1, that is, less than two weeks before the fight between Valdez and Conceicao, it became known that prohibited drugs were found in Oscar’s doping test. It was about phentermine, the mechanism of action of which reduces appetite, and also increases endurance and facilitates the work of the respiratory system. Valdez denied all charges.

But his affairs became very bad after three days, when the B doping test was opened, which also gave a positive result. The head of the Top Rank promotion company, Bob Arum, was clearly not laughing. One of the main stars of his company got into a big scandal a few days before the title defense.

It seemed that the situation could not be saved. But something unexpected happened. The Mexican, along with his trainer Eddie Reinoso, gave a story that illegal drugs could enter the boxer’s body along with herbal tea. In the Athletic Commission of the Pasqua Yaqui tribal territory, in the area where the fight will take place, they had to independently decide whether to give sanction to the fight. After listening to Valdez, they agreed with his arguments and gave the go-ahead for the fight. Conceizao also did not mind, because the second title chance may not appear so soon.

Valdez began to hate

The public reaction was predictable. The decision of the Athletic Commission was received critically, and Valdez himself began to be hated. It seems that everything is natural, because the policy of double standards, pretty boring, has shown itself in all its glory. As soon as we are talking about the stars of the American rings, the punishment for doping or not, or it is negligible, as was the case with another ward of Reinoso Saul Alvarez, who got off with a slight fright after using clenbuterol.

If we are talking about fading stars or those who are not in favor, as was the case with Sergei Kovalev, the punishment turns out to be more sensitive and the shows are canceled literally a few days before the scheduled date.

In addition to the fact that Oscar began to criticize fans, he was hated by colleagues. For example, ex-world champion Timothy Bradley wished that Valdes would be knocked out in the upcoming fight.

“I wish Conceizao would knock out Valdez to hell. This is what I want. I hope for a miracle. If nothing changes and the fight is held, I hope that Oscar will be knocked out, I’m serious.
This situation makes me sick. It doesn’t matter from tea or not, but your test came back positive. Everyone can think whatever he wants. My friend, I think you are a dirty boxer. That’s it, I’m done, ”said Bradley.

Well, deliberately or not, Valdes took doping, it is not entirely clear, and it is unlikely that it will ever be found out. But Bradley is right about one thing: it’s not about intent, it’s about the result of the test. Since when can boxers fight under doping? The question is rhetorical.


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