The state Duma refused to return the beer at the stadiums


The state Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs refused to approve a bill lifting the ban on the sale of beer at stadiums. It will be sent back for revision, said one of the authors, member of the Committee Dmitry Svishchev, quoted “R-Sport”.

The Deputy noted that after the completion of the bill will again be put on the agenda. “But the main Committee to address this issue and make a decision, unsportsmanlike sport Committee is the main Committee that takes the decision, we as co — executors,” said Svishchev.

He noted that most people have developed stereotypical Association with beer, although the experience of the 2018 world Cup showed the positive example. He also said that beer companies are global football sponsors. “There is an important and fans: we have to show that it does not make them any demon who drunk beer and then lying. This is not so. Practice of world and world Cup showed that this is misleading,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The bill on the retail sale of beer at stadiums was submitted to the Duma in July. In addition to the fistula, its author was made by Igor Lebedev. According to the initiative, the beer will be sold in catering outlets in the arena. During children’s and youth competitions, the sale of beer will not be allowed.

A ban on the sale of beer at sports venues is valid on the territory of Russia from 1 January 2005. During the world Cup in Russia in 2018, the beer returned to the stadiums as an exception.

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