The takedown lover was punished in an unprecedented manner. In alma mater Conora a new diamond


The takedown lover was punished in an unprecedented manner. In alma mater Conora a new diamond

On September 29, it became known that the largest OTT platform for martial arts fans UFC FIGHT PASS extended its cooperation with the British promotion Cage Warriors, which presented the league with such fighters as Paddy Pimblett , Jack Hermansson and, of course, Conor McGregor . For the latter, this organization in general has become almost something like an alma mater, since it was here that he first began performing on a regular basis and won titles in two divisions.

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The next CWFC tournament (abbreviated name), took place exactly the next day after signing a new contract with UFC Fight PASS. And, as his events showed, the service made the right decision, maintaining a partnership with the British. The audience witnessed several magnificent fights. And the most striking, which does not always happen, happened in the main event. It met unbeaten Nathan Fletcher and experienced Dominic Wooding . At stake was the vacant title in the bantamweight division.

Over the years of his professional career, Fletcher has established himself as a great wrestler. In total, he had six fights, in five he won by choke hold, and one more time by knockout. As for Wooding, he always counted on a punch, but sometimes it let him down. Before the reporting meeting, his professional record was not the most impressive – 7 wins and 4 losses.

So Fletcher was the favorite. In general, he proved this in the first two rounds. Moreover, Nathan this time dominated not only in the fight, but also interrupted the opponent in a standing position. Nevertheless, by the middle of the third round, Fletcher began to squat and slowed down. At the last minute of the round, apparently wanting to take a breath, he again got into the fight. Nathan tried a takedown, but his opponent decided to avoid it in an almost unheard of style. Wooding jumped up and disoriented the enemy. Then, being in a better position, Dominic began to smash his opponent with hammer fists. Fletcher, with grief in half, managed to stand under the hail of these blows. Then Wooding added a knee to the head, Nathan resisted, but was clearly shaken.

Dominic, seeing this, threw out a crushing high-kick, which again hit the target. Fletcher flew to the net, where it was not difficult for his opponent to complete what he started. Thus, Dominic became the new league bantamweight champion.

Wooding punished the takedown lover for his excessive passion for wrestling and loudly declared himself. Many are already in a hurry to call him the new diamond of the Cage Warriors promotion, but, in fact, why not? If a large proportion of fans are bored of the fighters who reduce fights to confrontations on the ground, then Wooding will definitely become a thunderstorm for all fighters and will impose bright cuttings on them. Are we waiting for Dominic in the UFC?


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