The two leaders went on the last lap! And filmmakers are unlikely to be up with the finish in Monaco


“Absolutely absurd situation on the highway! We are located at the line start-finish line waiting for a winner, but its all there is!” — shouted on the last lap James hunt — the ex-champion, and in 1982, commentator Formula 1 on the BBC.

On this day 38 years ago in Monte Carlo took place the incredible heat race on the last two laps the leader has changed three times!

Pole position for Renault

From pole position in the race started brilliantly rené Arnoux at Renault. At first, on the second place broke Bruno Giacomelli, but soon his “Alfa Romeo” experienced technical difficulties and Arnould main rival was his team-mate Alain Prost. Arnaud quite steadily away from Simple, and the 15-th circle, the gap between the two “Reno” was about eight seconds, but Rene made a mistake in the “Pool” and lost the car. Machine Arnoux stuck right on the path, and stalled and miraculously no one in it didn’t crash. Arnoux jumped out of the cockpit, left the road and became the top-Simple.

Alain was then 27 years old, he spent his third season in Formula 1 and started it with two wins in South Africa and Brazil. Before the start of the race in Monte Carlo, Alain was leading the championship and in the case of the triumph in Monaco has been strengthened by the separation. However, for a little over two laps to go, amid the drizzling rain, a young Frenchman made a mistake at the exit of the Chicane and lost the rear of the car in the narrow part of the track before “Pool”. Obezdwijivanie Renault came to a standstill across the course Simple and left the cockpit, and the French team, which could count on the double, were left with nothing.

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On the 74th of the 76 laps led the race Ricardo Patrese. On pure speed to deal with the pilots “Renault” the Italian failed — he gradually approached Simply, but to play for the remainder of the race in a time of six seconds was no chance. But Patrese could not for a long time to stay in the lead on the penultimate lap rezervnaya Italian clumsily made a mistake under braking before the hairpin and stalled in the middle of the turn. By Ricardo raced Didier — now in the race he was leading.

Ferrari and Alfa Romeo all lose

Pironi in that weekend alone was represented by Ferrari: the Grand Prix of Monaco-1982 was the first step after the weekend, which crashed Gilles Villeneuve. However, just a few turns Didier is losing momentum — on the starting line of the last lap it is easy to bypass do not understand the circular, and the tunnel “Ferrari” finally gets up — ran out of fuel!

The leaders had to leave Andrea de Cesaris for Alfa Romeo, but he also stopped two turns earlier — and he ran out of fuel! In the end, as if from nowhere in the first place left Patrese — he was able to continue after being eliminated in the stud, and also pironi and de Cesaris to overtake him in no time. Ricardo was generally the only person who went through all 76 laps of the race, and won his first victory in Formula 1. Next year Patrese win another race with “Brobama”, but more successful will be the period from “Williams” in the early 90’s, when Ricardo won four victories.

Rights to the video belong to Formula One Limited. Fully you can watch the official YouTube account of the championship.

Second in Monaco in 1982 were classified Didier — he never completed the final round, but because in the end of the race the Italian on lap behind the winner, while the third was de Cesaris — “Lotus” Mansell and de Angelis they were ahead on the circle, so those were only the fourth and fifth.

In early July, pironi wins in the Netherlands and due to several podium will anchor the lead in the overall standings with a lead of nine points is then given for winning the race. But in early August in training in Hockenheim in heavy fog Didier at full speed crashed into Ordinary — accident is very reminiscent of the one in may killed Gilles Villeneuve, pironi but, fortunately, survived. Racer has experienced numerous fractures of both legs and never played in Formula 1. At the end of the year he lost by five points to win the title of champion of 1982 was Keke Rosberg.

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