The UFC in Moscow ended with a triumphant battles Volkov and Magomedkerimov


© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich / go to photostockAleksandr Volkov (right) and Greg hardy Турнир UFC в Москве завершился победными боями Волкова и Магомедшарипова

Sergey Astakhov. Russian mixed martial arts fighter Scored Magomedkerimov defeated the American Calvin of Catera in the main battle of the third tournament of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) in Russia, supported the initiative of Alexander Volkov.

Initially, the fight, which took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Moscow, between Magomedsalam and Cattenom had to go through for the UFC in Boston in October. Then the Russians got sick and couldn’t go out in the octagon. In Moscow their fight initially was not the main, as the highlight of the evening was supposed to be meeting Volkova with Brazilian Junior DOS Santos. But due to injury the South American organizers had to redraw the mesh of the tournament.

Magomedkerimov in the UFC hasn’t lost

Magomedkerimov spent the first two rounds better of his opponent, a few times successfully breaking through the defense of American. In the final five minutes of the physical condition began to fail the Russians that allowed Cattery to seize the initiative and try to translate the game in their favor. Ended battle by the fact that Magomedkerimov translated opponent to the ground, but received several blows to the head.

The judges ‘ decision after 15 minutes of battle were unanimous victory of Magomedkerimov. After the fight he admitted that he now hopes to go to fight for the title. “I’m in the mood for the title. Won the sixth victory in a row. I kind of showed it. If the UFC decides to give me another fight, then no problem. I think I’m ready for the title, if will hold a training camp,” said Magomedkerimov at a press conference.

“I would not say that Cater the most difficult opponent in his career. Expected it to be hard, he is a very strong fighter. I was set on three rounds but in the final round hooked. Let them know about yourself the infection, which moved to Thailand in preparation for battle. During the preparation of felt tired, not able to recover,” added the warrior victory was the 18th of his career and one defeat, while in the UFC he has won all six fights.

For the 31-year-old Cetera defeat in Moscow became the fourth in career. “It was a close fight, it could go either way, but in the end Scored the winner. It did not surprise me, I was prepared and well defended. My respect for Sabitu remained at a high level. He’s a great fighter, we had a good match. Magomedkerimov strikes was scathing, but I not strongly felt,” said Katter.

Wolves: came back, won, received a congratulatory message from Dziuba

Volkov, who was to speak in the main fight even at the April UFC tournament in St. Petersburg, after the removal of DOS Santos received rivals former American football player, Greg hardy of the United States. The Russian fighter, not produced in a cage for more than a year in quiet mode spent all three rounds, preferring not to risk and play it safe.

Hardy has kept his word given earlier – the audience saw blood. It’s the wolves got him a punch in the face, breaking his lip. It should be noted that for an American meeting with Volkov has already become the fifth in 2019, and his previous fight he spent less than a month ago.

The judges were United in their notes – he has won his fifth fight in the UFC and one defeat. All in all, the career of the 31-year-old Russian athlete 31 wins and seven losses. Hardy has been held for two losses and five victories, another battle was nullified.

“A little emotionally burned out, because they did not fight. All nerves were up to the fight. That won, good for me, because I missed a whole year. I would like to win more clearly, to carry out active actions, I’m not even tired, but during the fight realized that I need to be careful, not to risk it. I assure you, will be much better. Now I have no health problems,” said the wolves to the journalists.

“I do not care who continue to fight. Junior DOS Santos is interesting. Any opponent who is higher in ranking, it fits. I’m ready to go. Let’s see how many will give the doctors the removal, I hurt my foot a bit. I think the end of February, I will have to spend three months of the camp,” he said, adding that his victory devotes to the mother, whose birthday is coming up.

Also, the coach of the Russian heavyweight Taras Kiyashko said that the player Petersburg “Zenith” and Russian national team Artem Dzyuba followed the battle and congratulated Volkov on the victory. “He (Artem) communicates closely with my team, watching my fights. He’s rooting for me, I for him. I hope this will attract more fans to the mixed single combats”, – said Volkov.

Failure of the Russians

If two Central the fights all turned out in favor of the Russians, the other matches fared no better. Just 13 fights of the main and preliminary cardies in the octagon were 13 representatives of Russia. The tournament started with a defeat (the second in his career in the UFC) Grigory Popov from Brit Davey Grant separate judicial decision.

In the confrontation between Russia and USA the unanimous decision of the judges was not in favour of Alexander Yakovlev, Ramazan Emeev and Hadith Ibragimova – the victory was won, Roosevelt Roberts, Anthony Rocco Martin and ed Herman. Two more Russians Roman Kopylov (debutant in UFC) and Selim Imadaev are unable to bring their fights to the end. In the first case of choke used American Charles Roberson in the second knockout was scored by Briton Danny Roberts.

Curious for the audience was the debut fight in the promotion, Abubakar Nurmagomedov, a cousin of the champion of UFC in lightweight Habib Nurmagomedov. The fact that the famous relative appeared in the octagon as a second, and the opponent Abubakar German David Zawada lives with one kidney. Despite this, in the third minute, he finished the fight by suffocating reception, achieving the first victory in the UFC.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich / Go to the Bank, Abubakar Nurmagomedov and David ZavadaТурнир UFC в Москве завершился победными боями Волкова и Магомедшарипова

Moscow saw a historic event – the first tournament of the UFC to fight against each other came two Russian soldier. Rustam Khabilov and Sergey Handozhko gave a bright match ended in favor of the first three rounds by unanimous decision.

“Sergei I wish you continued success. We had disagreements, but we talked to him right in the octagon and all agreed. Said you didn’t have cause to fight, this is wrong. In response, Sergei said that he was faced with the fact that I wanted to fight with him. For me it does not matter, Russian, Dagestani or Chechen, he. I wanted to fight with a foreigner, psychologically it would have been better,” said Habil reporters.

Another newcomer to the UFC, Shamil Gamzatov before the tournament in Moscow has not lost any of their 13 matches in his career. 14-th victory, the Russian has scored in a meeting with Brazilian Cleanem Abreu, completing his split decision. One of the memorable events of the evening was the fight Magomed Alkalaeva against the South African Dulci Loungeable. Striking a blow in the face was victorious for the Russian representative of MMA.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich / Go to the BankShamil Gamzatov and Cleanem AbreuТурнир UFC в Москве завершился победными боями Волкова и Магомедшарипова

In the only womens bout Jessica-rose Clark from Australia unanimous judges ‘ decision after three rounds lost Swede penny Ceased.

Two of the tournament in Russia in 2020

“Fight of the night” the organizers of the Moscow event acknowledged the fight Magomedkerimov and Cetera. And Alkalaev and Zavada was awarded for “performance of evening”. All four of you will receive bonuses in the amount of 50 thousand dollars.

“Russia in 2020 will host two tournaments, the cities there is no decision yet. One event will be held in the big city, the second in the city a little smaller. Our concept is to hold tournaments not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in smaller cities too, where we have our fans,” said Vice-President of the UFC David Shaw at a press conference.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich / Go to the photobankof the Battle Handoko Sergei and Rustam Habilova UFC Fight Night in MoscowТурнир UFC в Москве завершился победными боями Волкова и Магомедшарипова

All in all, the tournament in Moscow visited 11 305 thousand spectators. “We powerfully have worked the last 15 months. Each new event in Russia was better. We are pleased with the progress,” added Shaw.

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