The victory, which left questions. Champion got three points, but failed to persuade on the eve of start in the Champions League


“Zenit” in his field is not without problems defeated the Tula Arsenal, showing a mixed game.


Pause in RPL players and the rapid approach of the start of the group stage of the Champions League as significantly altered in General the application of “Zenith” on the match with the gunners and has made some adjustments to the starting lineup. No, the defense line coach of blue-white-blue Axel witsel saved in the old – enough-played – for, despite the fact that he had a choice and in the position of right defender (with the signing of Vyacheslav Karavayev), and in the center, where now there is leased from Porto 25-year-old player of the national team of Venezuela Yordan Osorio.

Not touched Semak and the main attacking Duo of the team in the face of Artem Dzuba and Serdar Azmun, although both are decent “run” in their national teams. After the traditional “prison” in the Russian team behind the railroad Guilherme returned to habitable post number one at the club Andrey Lunev.

The most significant changes occurred in the halfback pitertsev. Wilmar Barrios in the holding area actually remained without a partner, because Magomed Ozdoev missed this game due to four yellow cards in the last four matches of RPL, and the team worked on high, clearly having gained a break.

For two hundred percent deserve it, and Yuri Zhirkov, but apparently the results of the medical tests at the club, confirmed the same figures in the team, give reason, coaches just throw up your hands and… again to enter the name of 36-year-old veteran in the starting lineup. Well, if you are ready to be worn on his brow, completing with the mind! – a huge amount of work, why not take advantage of this situation?

And if the left flank was under the control of Zhirkov on the right had to detach gaining form after injury Daler kuziaev’s and Sebastian Driussi confer the functions of the free artist. Due to the almost held the departure of another Argentinian – emiliano Rigoni – to Sampdoria on loan until the end of the season with an option to repurchase the position on the right flank was partially vacant. In addition kuziaev’s “Zenith” there is someone to take on the role of right midfielder: in the list of candidates – Alexander Yerokhin, Oleg Shatov Alexey Sutormin and Robert Mak.

Interestingly, Lyon, visiting of which is the current champion of Russia on Tuesday will open a new ligachampion campaign, played his match in Ligue 1 away from home against the “Amiens” – also on Friday, but almost two hours later, and the coach Silvino opted for a 4-3-3 tactical scheme. There is an option on the weapons and Arsenal that could help to kick in some degree (at least at the location of the field and game functions, players) to simulate future confrontation with the bronze prize-winner of the previous championship of France.

However, tactical rehearsal failed: wards Igor Cherevchenko used a 4-4-2 alignment, and the position of the right defender was Alexander Denisov, and recent newcomer Tulyakov Robert Bauer is located at the same flank, but higher. The center of the field tried to control the bunch Kantemir Berkhamov – Georgi Kostadinov and in attack Evgeny Lutsenko has made the company returned to the Evans Station.

However, it is not even the tactical scheme of the opponent – rehearsal start in the Champions League soon failed, for the reason that in the opening match, “Zenith” was given to all as-that by itself, is amazingly easy. Started Tula attraction of unprecedented generosity with unrealized outlet Victor Alvarez one-on-one with Lunev – after kuziaev elementary slipped out of the blue. Continued all uncomplicated canopy of Douglas Santos’s free kick and scoring with a nod of the headlights, which is on the second floor somehow tried to prevent Bauer, and not one of the Central defenders of Arsenal.

The next item on the program was the injury to Alvarez, which had to be replaced already at the end of the quarter hours of playing time. And finally, Zenit got right on the penalty spot, when one of the defenders of the guests inadvertently touched the ball with his hand at his gate. If Azmoun struck more cleverly, no chance for Mikhail Levashov, the game could end in the middle of the first half.

But St. Petersburg people wittingly or unwittingly, we helped to keep the intrigue in the match, and, perhaps, it was the best option for them – in order not to rezaleti before his visit to Lyon. In fairness, it should be noted that the blue-white-blue found ways tactically to cheer up his game. For example, is very curious looked kind of three-tier reshuffle, in which Douglas Santos was next to Barrios in midfield, Zhirkov went to the left flank of defence, and Driussi had your mobile control point on the same edge, but center line.

Of course, all these dynamic movements only complicated the lives of Arsenal players – interesting, difficult if wards Silvinho? After a few minutes you just created a blue-white-blue design was falling apart, and its executives took a more familiar position on the field.

“Easy money” of the first half in the end still played with the champion of a cruel joke. Will not catch on exit from the locker room, the mood of the opponent, is not going to lay down their arms, down the drain. And so it was with Zenit. Crown quarter nesobrannosti was “a foul by negligence” from Zhirkov on Kostadinova a foot from the penalty and punishment in the form of a neat Curling shot from Burhanova from the standard. No matter what the ball flew into the corner where stood Lunev – try this fish!

And damn hard after such a retaliatory punch in the stomach again to gather together thoughts, emotions, and the strength to get back in the game dominant, but not bustling party. “Zenit” to his credit, such an effort have managed to do. Not without tactical nuances: Yaroslav Rakitskiy has actually turned into a left-back, covering the area of Douglas Santos, who went to help a group attack. But Barrios is vigilantly looking out for the options of lottery combinations, sinking almost to the area of responsibility of the Central defenders.

But in the end successful RAID that led to the winning goal, as they drew on the right wing. Kuziaev noticed breakthrough Igor Smolnikov and conveniently threw him the ball on the course. The situation looked so winning for “Zenith” the player of the guests was booked on Smolnikova, not even make a claim: if not for this violation of the rules, almost with absolute probability would be a goal.

It eventually happened: Driussi shot from the 11-meter mark more inventive than Azmoun in the first half. But in the end Zenit played two substitutions. One resulted in a goal – Oleg Shatov scored the third goal, and the other presented to the audience by Vyacheslav Karavayev, which, however, in a game that did not really have time to enter, because almost immediately followed by the final whistle.

In General, the three points took the champion, but adjusted for the Champions League, his game has caused too many questions. Perhaps some of them will get answers on Tuesday in Lyon.

RPL. 9-th round

“Zenith” (St.-Petersburg) – “The Arsenal” (Tula) – 3:1 (1:0)

Goals: Dzagoev (Douglas Santos), 5 – 1:0. Berkhamov, 56 is 1:1. Driussi, 66 – from a penalty – 2:1. Shatov (Zhirkov), 88 – 3:1

Missed penalty: Azmoun, 22 (goalkeeper)

Zenit: Lunev – Smolnikov I. (K), Rakitskiy and Douglas Santos Barrios – Kuzyaev (Shatov, 71), Driussi Zhirkov (Karavaev, 90+1) – Dzyuba, Azmoun (Erokhin, 75)

Arsenal: Levashov, A. Denisov, Belyaev, Grigalava, Alvarez (Volodko, 15) – Bauer, Kostadinov, Berkhamov (K) (K. Kombarov, 64), Tkachev – E. Station, Lutsenko

Warning: Azmoun, 75 – A. Denisov, 39. Bauer, 42. Lutsenko, 67

Referee: Paul Kukuan (Sochi)

September 13. Saint-Petersburg. The Stadium “Gazprom-Arena”

source: “Soviet sport”

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