There will be no more people like Ronaldo. The phenomenon is already 45


There will be no more people like Ronaldo. The phenomenon is already 45

It’s hard to believe that Phenomenon is already 45. He hasn’t played football for 11 years, although, like any superstar, he almost returned one day after the official retirement. In 2015, he bought the club in the United States and announced his emergence as a footballer. Of course, all for the sake of attracting attention, new advertisers and sponsors. The current Ronaldo is primarily a businessman who ideally monetizes his fame. You will see his face at every major football event, in advertisements for cool brands and next to the main VIPs from all over the world. He stayed in the party and is now just enjoying life. From time to time he gives out loud interviews, and there is nothing left of the young man, whom we sympathized with in 1998 and admired in 2002.

He did not spend a minute with the national team at the 1994 World Cup, but he still held in his hands the trophy that every Brazilian has dreamed of since childhood. Four years later, the Phenomenon went to France as the main star of the national team – a successful time at PSV, Barça, and finally Inter, for which he scored a bunch of goals and took the UEFA Cup. It is interesting that the official account of the Europa League congratulated the Brazilian with a cut from the semifinal match of the 1997/1998 season, where Ronaldo was punishing Spartak.

And then the same world championship that “Zubastik” did not win. Now, few people remember that on the day of the final match with France, he ended up in the hospital due to an epileptic seizure. But all the same he came out at the start, however, he did not at all look like himself.

There will be no more people like Ronaldo.  The phenomenon is already 45

A year later, he could have finished football altogether due to a terrible knee injury, but returned and in 2002 raised the World Cup over his head. It is important that this time his contribution to success was enormous – a goal in the semifinals and a double in the final have not been forgotten until now.

Two more powerful seasons in Madrid and that’s it. Fabio Capello told the world that he didn’t need a superstar to drag the team down. Perhaps no one else would have dared to do this. Ronaldo’s authority was too high at that time. True, Capello himself did not stay for long in Madrid. They are not used to such radical steps. Already at Milan, the Brazilian’s next club, it was a pale shadow of the same scorer, to whom the metaphor of “killer instinct” was applied. Overweight, problems with coaches and an obvious desire to quickly leave for another life, where there will be more buzz and less daily work.

Ronaldo should have done it earlier, but for some reason he pulled it up to 34 years old. He dreamed of ending up in his native Brazil. He left as a hero and an idol. And even the funny hairstyle at the 2002 World Cup, for which he recently apologized, did not deprive him of universal love.

Now he is actively immersed not only in maintaining his fame, but also directly in club affairs. Indeed, a couple of years ago, Ronaldo became the majority shareholder of the Spanish Valladolid and at the same time the president. But he immediately made it clear that he was not going to invest all the money earned in the club and considered it as a business project. He is no longer ready to spend his earned money on football. At one time, the Brazilian genius had already given him too much.

There will be no more people like Ronaldo. He is so alone.


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