“They’re not Maria Sharapova. It is important to perform well at home.” Tartakov — about Medvedev and I will not be able


Presenter and commentator of TV channel “Match TV” Sophia Tartakoff estimated the chances of Daniil Medvedev in the fight for victory at the Final tournament ATP.

Earlier, 23-year-old Russian, ranked the fourth place in the world ranking, has qualified for the Final tournament.

This week Medvedev takes part in the ATP tournament in Saint Petersburg.

— Daniil Medvedev went to the Final tournament. What are your expectations from the tournament? What will be the result of Medvedev’s success?

— I really liked the phrase of one of my colleagues: “it is unfortunate that there is no fifth tournament of “Grand slam” in the season, if he was now — He certainly would have dragged him”. He’s just perfectly is part of the season, there may be fatigue, but he’s so cool he worked in previous seasons that now gives him the result, — quotes the words of Tartakovsky “Sports day after day“.

— It’s really not like anyone on tour is playing a totally original and interesting, yet no one can find the key to his game. He has a wonderful hand with a unique technique. Now he believes in himself as anyone, maybe even excessive — in the best sense of the word. This allows him to hold big matches at the highest level. This is a dangerous situation: he can win the Final tournament. Unfortunately, the statistics of the competition’s final eight shows that whoever wins the tournament, then fails the next year. It seems to me that it can’t be Medvedev, because he is incredibly professional about his career, his work.

— There was fear that due to so many matches in such a short period, it can not just come to SPb Open, or to withdraw during the tournament, as was the case with Maria Sharapova on the Ladies Trophy 2019?

— I think he’s feeling very well. It is a few days vacationing with his wife in Montenegro. I’ve also not entirely objective: I close to communicate with Natalia Alexandrovna Kamaleson, I was always in touch with her. She reported that Medvedev will come to St. Petersburg, talked with the guys — they told me what condition. They’re not Maria Sharapova. And Medvedev, and Hechanova, and psychologically turbulent time it is important to perform well at home. They want to be loved by the audience. They are stars for us, but they are in the beginning and they have a great career. They are young boys, they love it when they go to court, and they all applauded, the girls chase them with the balls and want to take pictures.

Medvedev beat Rublev in the quarterfinals of the tournament. For the finals, Medvedev will play with the Belarusian Egor Gerasimov. The match will take place on Saturday.

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