This fiasco! Team USA lost in the quarterfinals of the world Cup


This is the first defeat of the USA in official tournaments since 2006. Until today, Americans have won 48 matches in a row.

He reveals the world of the “dream team”, the Americans made a revolution in the world of sports, however, gave rise to an unattainable standard of perfection. Impact and originality of the team over the years has turned “dream team” is not just a myth, and a myth I want to believe. So he’s handsome, multi-dimensional, relevant and elegant.

In parallel with this the rest of the basketball world did not stand still and developing, by the way, not least because the Americans themselves. The desire to be in a wonderful magical reserve called the NBA was the impetus for the strongest players in the world. And in parallel so as the NBA began to appear not just basketball players, and the players star level from Germany, Australia, China, Dominican Republic, Spain, Slovenia, France, Cameroon, Greece, Turkey, Nigeria, Lithuania, Argentina, Serbia, Croatia and other countries, team USA under the guise ceased to beat the majority of teams with a difference of 40+ points.

Thus the “stars and stripes” caught between a rock and a hard place. They can’t repeat or surpass the success of the original “dream team”, and at the same time forced to show sparkling basketball at the background of the teams, whose overall level is growing.

Moreover, it is the style discussed much sharper than the evident fineness of precious metals that the team needs to bring with each tournament. And now the failed U.S. are already beginning to criticize because it’s the most boring of all the teams that represented the United States in recent history. Not taken into account neither injury nor failure, nor even a well-known truth that coach Greg Popovich has never been famous for staging spectacular attacking game and not once mentioned that he hates three-pointers.

Criticism of Popovich, who immediately declared a considerable number, notice that and for that reason the Americans managed only twice to cross the mark of 90 points, and their average performance is not amazing of 87.4 points. Less than the French with their 89,4.

America has shown that it is able to dominate and catch up against an opponent with one strongly pronounced leader. Japan Rui Hachimura Americans swallowed — 98:45, and later pickled Giannis Antetokounmpo in suffocating match with Greece — 69:53.

But at the same time the Americans purely thanks to the generosity of the Turkish gave the basketball world a reason to gossip on the stage the first group stage. About the same time, it became clear that today’s team USA is a team problem, inexperienced, looking for myself. Not globally, but in every game again.

Therefore, the quotations of the French before the match, looked at least not worse, and after the match not so often mentioned the word “sensation”.

Justified. How can you call a sensational defeat when you realize 14 of 21 free throws and lose the shield 28 to 44? Regardless of which country or club you represent.

With the exception of the third quarter, in which Donovan Mitchell scored 15 points — all on account of his 29 — “star and stripes” carefully nakovyryali glasses even in those moments when the French coach Vincent collet has provided them that opportunity.

For example, were kept at the site of Lessart and Laberge, when he was forced to give rest to Rudy Gobert. Center was a key figure for both teams throughout the match, despite the fact that in the end Frank Telecine scored critical for Americans 5 points in a row. Throughout the game, Vincent collet has seen, as would more reliable to use Gobert so he went through personal observations and remained fresh to the end.

At the other end of the court Popovich carefully incited brisk defenders on passes into the penalty area that the giant was forced to foul, and as soon as Rudy climbed on average to draw the pick-and-roll, Greg began thoughtfully to bend the lips.

And of course, an American is not enough big. Otherwise, if occasionally Gobert had to keep Smart and brown. And we are not talking about an elite center like Embiid, with more than enough P. J. Tucker, who was injured in training camp before his departure to China.

This team USA was sewn from scraps and there is nothing wrong. Tsimes is that a quilt should be bright, catchy, and when it is made of different and pale patches, it already looks not as a unique style and custom-tailored, and as bad taste. And that is what will first blame the Americans, but not for the result at the world Cup, which few people are interested in the ocean.

Whether it is the Olympics, where through the year you will once again try to get closer to the dream and to turn back the clock.

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