“This fight was before the first mistake.” Musashi did not forgive his opponent for a reckless takedown


“This fight was before the first mistake.” Musashi did not forgive his opponent for a reckless takedown

The Bellator 264 tournament will take place on the night of August 13-14 in the American city of Uncasville. He will head the middleweight title fight between the legendary Geghard Mousasi and the belt challenger John Salter . For Musashi, this title defense in Bellator will be the fourth in a row.

In the meantime, let’s remember how the Dutchman defended his championship belt for the first time in the Scott Cocker promotion. This happened in the third fight, which was preceded by a controversial victory over Alexander Shlemenko and the subsequent conquest of the title in a fight with Rafael Carvalho. The rival of the Dutchman of Armenian origin was the welterweight champion eminent Canadian Rory MacDonald, who rose one weight category higher.

Despite the difference in weight, in anthropometry the difference is insignificant: they have the same arm span, and Musashi had an advantage of 5 cm in height. It was the last point that determined the nature of the fight. From the first minutes Geghard established the distance with his jabs. MacDonald worked in an expectant manner, occasionally throwing back blows. Therefore, the main activity came from the Armenian Dutchman, who earned the advantage with accurate jabs, which often reached the target. In such a cautious vein, the first round went to Musashi.

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If in the first round the fighters mostly moved, sometimes throwing out single blows, then in the second five-minute the pace was raised with serial attacks. Geghard also dictated the course of the fight, but Rory snapped more often. However, the Red King (MacDonald’s nickname) could not oppose anything to a taller opponent in a standing position. Therefore, the Canadian decided to make a takedown, which became fatal for the performer himself. The thing is that Musashi was able to dodge this passage at his feet and put MacDonald on his shoulder blades.

Thus, Geghard took a dominant position and broke the Canadian for 2.5 minutes. If at the beginning MacDonald tried to work in the guard, hindering the movements of the Dutchman, then by the middle of the five-minute Musashi broke free from Rory’s shackles and began active work with his elbows. As a result, the Red King closed his head, practically ceasing to actively defend himself, as a result of which the referee Herb Dean decided not to test the bloody Canadian for strength anymore and stopped the fight. Thus, Geghard Mousasi defended the championship belt from the attacks of the welterweight, who later returned to his native weight category.

In the comments below the video of this fight, there were many fans praising Musashi. Among them were Russian-speaking users. But best of all, this fight was described in the following post:

“This fight was before the first mistake. Rory took the risk with an all-or-nothing takedown .

Knowing the Dutchman’s composure and prudence, it makes sense to believe that the upcoming fight with Salter will also be before the first mistake.

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