“This is a declaration of war.” Philadelphia went to unprecedented tough measures for the NBA


“This is a declaration of war.” Philadelphia went to unprecedented tough measures for the NBA

The Philadelphia 76ers did not pay point guard Ben Simmons a portion of the $ 8.25 million salary the player was supposed to receive on Friday. Simmons did not arrive at training camp, which was the main motive for the club to take unprecedentedly harsh measures.

Keeping a paycheck is not about the NBA, which is considered a league with extended player powers for a reason. However, the league has never really had a case like Simmons. Exchange requests were constantly posted, but at the same time they did not refuse to fulfill their obligations to the club. Simmons did not show up for training camp and is currently resting in Los Angeles. He is no longer going to enter the site in the form of “Philadelphia”, but at the same time he probably expected to receive the next tranche of salaries, but the club decided to do it in its own way.

“Now we can definitely say that the sides have dropped their gloves. This is a declaration of war. With this decision, “Philadelphia” tightly closes the door in front of Simmons, minimizing the desire of the player to fill the gap in the missing time, “- said NBA analyst Brian Windhorst .

The structure of Simmons’ 5-year contract for $ 177.2 million assumes that a basketball player should receive 25% of his annual salary on July 1 and October 1. The remaining 50% is payable in 12 installments starting from November 15th. Simmons representatives are convinced that the remaining $ 8.25 million will be paid after the conclusion of the exchange deal. Allegedly, fines will be deducted from the amount, which Ben deliberately goes to.

Philadelphia has deposited the funds in a so-called “escrow” deposit. League office staff and players’ union representatives believe the Sixers have a right to withhold this payment. There was some uncertainty as to whether Philadelphia would go for harsh measures, since refusing to pay such a large sum would escalate the conflict with Simmons. But the position of the NBA representatives is understandable. The league really doesn’t want saboteur stars like Simmons to appear in the future. Philadelphia’s tough approach is welcome at the moment, lest others decide to follow the Australian example.

The exchange is the best way to end the conflict between the Sixers and Simmons. The soap opera drags on for months. The market value of Simmons goes to zero. Philadelphia’s president of basketball operations, Daryl Morey, wanted as many assets as possible for the Australian, so he turned down Minnesota, Cleveland and other interested clubs. It’s probably time to cut back on requests. Every day of delay in the exchange deal knocks down the already low cost of Simmons.

Ben does not want to play on the same team with Joel Embiid , he does not like to play under the leadership of head coach Doc Rivers. For a long time Embiid showed diplomacy and did not make harsh statements about Simmons, but the other day he could not restrain himself. Joel blamed Ben for losing all-star attacking guard Jimmy Butler in the 2019 offseason. The Cameroon center believes the Sixers have parted ways with Butler to accommodate Simmons’ playing style.

At this rate, even the most interested in Simmons, Minnesota will decide not to mess with such a toxic player. Bleacher Report suggested that the exchange of Simmons for another scandalous star – Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving , who risks missing all the team’s home matches due to the refusal of vaccinations , is likely . Nets general manager Sean Marks had already tried to trade troubled Kyrie for Simmons, but forward Kevin Durant intervened and blocked the transfer.

Durant’s protectorate is not limitless. Kevin may just get bored of Kyrie’s destructive behavior, no matter how friendly the relationship between them may have been. At least Simmons doesn’t spread conspiracy theories and is willing to play in a club not called the Philadelphia 76ers.

Irving is not the worst potential compensation for Simmons for Philadelphia, Morey and his assistants are aware of the risks associated with Kyrie, but are certainly willing to take them. After all, Irving is a 7-time NBA All-Star, one of the best point guards in the league. With a set throw, which sets him apart from Simmons.

It is unclear how long it will take to resolve the Simmons situation. The relationship between the player and the Sixers is irrevocable. The conflict only escalates over time. This should act as a catalyst for the process. We may still see Simmons in his new club uniform by the start of the NBA regular season on October 20, rather than before the February deadline.


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