This should be the final! The Americans suffered their second consecutive defeat at the world Cup


It was supposed to be the final offensive. With historical data, many talents and a promising game. Alas, it wouldn’t, because even after the theory wins over Argentina and France, the teams had to meet in the semifinals, and it’s still not the same.

This fiasco! Team USA lost in the quarterfinals of the world Cup

And yet the subtext of the match for the distribution of seats was. No matter what state Americans or were they simply could not afford to lose twice in a row. As for the Serbs, who have a degree in the field of basketball trolling, the United States has always been a major irritant.

Ward Sasha Djordjevic also not smiling to get into the story. The Serbs never lost three times in a row, so after defeats by Spain and Argentina to be humiliated and unimportant to let the match not wanted. Besides, the balkanites had a slight advantage in the form of additional output. Also don’t underestimate the time personal ambition.

After all, elimination from the tournament does not negate the desire to get in the team. At least in the first minute, and in particular the game Bogdan Bogdanovic, it was clearly visible. The player “Sacramento” dripped caustic four three-pointers in a row and marked the beginning of Serbian Orgy that for the first quarter ended with the shocking score of 32-7.

The social network the American sports media was immediately full of messages, full total stung national pride. Although the fact that the Serbs will not keep the implementation of three-pointers by 80%, it was clear to even the most experienced dreamers. The simple theory was confirmed in the next quarter, where Serbs did not score any three-pointers, but the Americans grasping confounded his dignity with both hands, pulled himself out of the swamp, mainly through the efforts of Middleton and Barnes. Thanks to them the difference to four points before the break looked promising and competitive.

Yes, that’s as soon as the bell rang with a big change, the main excellence of this match Bogdan Bogdanovic continued to pull the arm up. He did it triumphantly and for the most part after scoring three-pointers. The Serbs in General acted collectively, but the Gods were so hot that it lit up even teammates, while Sam Bogdanovich gave a light rivals.

In the beginning of the fourth quarter began to get Bjelica with Lucice and, though it has to recoup the difference in -7, Americans expected began to choke. Turner could not cope under the ring Marjanovic and Jokić, Joe Harris and Donovan Mitchell smeared from a distance, and the team itself continued to throb purely due to the individual game Kembo Walker and more raspasovschika Harrison Barnes.

Pleasant is worth noting that despite the status of the match, both teams wanted to win. Bogdanovich at the last minute began to butt the head of a Walker, when he decided to parasight his protection. Jokić did not leave, not propped Lopez such native and familiar to the Russian ear the word combinations that could hear everyone who has ever visited Belgrade.

Coach USA Greg Popovich several times impulsively blame the judges too hard on the game, and Sasha Djordjevic to the attack and maneuvered with timeouts. If not otherworldly first quarter, the game was quite drawn to the semi-finals. And the one where one team managed to defeat the other in an atypical manner.

Despite his full height, heavy-lift front line of balkanites lost the shield (33-41), but rather in the inherent manner, the Americans ran and perepisali their opponents. 56% of sales with an average (18 of 32), 48% of accurate shots from a distance (15 of 31) and slightly slipping in the end wet from sweat the floor percentage accuracy penalty (68%, 13 of 19).

Honestly, after this I do not want to summarize. Moreover, this tournament, and specifically in this match, to leave both teams a little epilogue. The Americans qualified for the Olympics, but obviously spoiled his reputation. The Serbs, on the contrary, there is still much to do to go to Tokyo, but with this match they showed that can take a punch, and their class exactly matches the Olympic tournament.

So I’d like to see both teams through the year in the Japanese capital, because except for claims for gold at the next meeting these teams will be a wonderful background. Balkanites will try to prove that this victory was not accidental, but the US will be led more and revanchist. The scenery that is necessary.

And while the Serbs will be playing for the 5th place of the world championship against the Czechs, and the Americans will play for the 7th place with team Poland.

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