Three-time NBA champion Shaun Livingston ended his career


© AFP 2019 / Christian Petersenback, “Golden state Warriors” Shaun Livingston (left) and defender of the “Phoenix suns” Orlando JohnsonТрехкратный чемпион НБА Шон Ливингстон завершил карьеру

Three-time champion of the National basketball Association (NBA) in the “Golden state Warriors” defender Sean Livingston said that completes career of the player.

This summer, 34-year-old basketball player has left the Warriors and became a free agent.

“After 15 years in the NBA I am glad, frustrated, happy, grateful, and this all in one breath. It’s hard to describe all the emotions that are needed to realize the dream. I wasn’t supposed to be here. The injury gave me a chance to prove yourself and the world that I’m not going to depend on circumstances. For all time in the League I’m most proud of my character, values and faith has been tested, and I survived,” wrote Livingston on his page in Instagram.

Livingston in February 2007, I received a serious knee injury and for the next four seasons has played in the NBA only 48 games.

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After 15 years in the NBA, I’m excited, sad, fortunate and grateful all in one breath. Hard to put into a caption all of the emotions it takes to try and accomplish your dreams. I wasn’t supposed to be here. Anybody that has beat the odds understands the mental and emotional strain it takes to inspire yourself on an uphill war, let alone inspire others. “The injury” gave me a chance to find and prove to myself (and the world) that I wouldn’t be defined by my circumstances. With my time in the League what I will be most proud of is the fact that my character, values and faith were tested, and I persevered. To my pops that told me to “go get the big ball” I THANK YOU. To my Grandpa that always showed me there was more to life than basketball I THANK YOU. To my Uncles that helped raise me like I was one of their own, THANK YOU. To my wife and kids…the future IS BRIGHTER than our past, and I couldn’t see myself taking on this chapter without you. To all of my teammates, coaches, TRAINERS, staff, my journey is a collection of experiences, and those of you that helped me along the way, THANK YOU! To all the fans and anybody else that inspired me, supported me, cheered for me, or even said good words about me, THANK YOU. “The greatest gift we can give is service to others” #Raiseaglass 🍷

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The average Livingston for playing in the NBA was 6.3 points, 3 assists and 2.4 rebounds in regular season and 6.4 points, 2.4 assists and 2.6 rebounds in the playoffs.

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