To invest in soccer – a new trend for stars USA


If you come to know why Kevin Durant ugorayu on “Union Berlin,” and look at images of James Harden in the arms of Anton Shunin, sorry, it’s not about that. Although both of these assumptions are partly true.

Beard from last year has the official right to call themselves a “speaker”, and Durant just recently became minority owners of the “Union”. Kevin said the purchase of 5% shares of the “Philadelphia Union” with the additional option of acquiring another 5%. If the appraised value of the command 325 million Duranta rate equal to approximately 16 million dollars, given its income, will agree that this is quite a modest investment.

It seems to be not the most sensational infopovod, but becomes more entertaining in the context of the formation of MLS as one of the most progressive areas for investment.

Over the past few years, MLS clubs have invested NBA point guards Steve Nash (“Vancouver whitecaps”), Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey (FC “Austin”), quarterback for the NFL “Seattle Seahawks” Russell Wilson (“Seattle sounders”), comedian will Ferrell (FC “Los Angeles”), not to mention the legend “Manchester United” David Beckham, who created from scratch the FC Miami. I understand that the names of many of these clubs sound funny and evoke thoughts of giants like “Bansko” from the second division of Bulgaria, but, paradoxically, it is also one of the reasons to invest in the clubs MLS.

Why invest in “Dynamo Houston” or “Philadelphia Union”? First, because it is cheaper and safer. A trivial example: the first time you come to the casino and only theoretically imagine the principles of its functioning, I doubt that you will immediately put the full amount on zero in hopes of dramatically and effectively to hit the jackpot. And yet, I’m sure you can hardly sit down to play poker with some whale type Daniel Negreanu and this is the reason for the number 2.

Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia – small markets with low competition unlike Los Angeles, new York or Florida, where one often has two MLS teams. Clubs from smaller markets require smaller investments, because by themselves are cheaper, but have greater potential for growth.

You can bring your own for a year and a half, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as did “Los Angeles galaxy”, and you can get a good deal, as did Durant. In addition to his shareholders are still 10 people, each of which is more versed in the business and each has large stakes in the club than Kevin. They are unlikely to want to burn, and if not burned they will not burn through and Durant.

In addition to the purely financial aspect, there is also an image side, which in the future is evaluated not less, and perhaps even more effectively. And then Durant, though not their fault, but lost. Even before the papers were signed Kay Dee has been negotiating with the club from his native Washington, but with “D.C. United” to negotiate failed, and so the deal with “Philadelphia” in some way can be called a plan B.

Whether it’s harden, who all came out so beautiful that not udivilas if he left a million dollars in a strip club just after the transaction with the “Houston Dynamo”.

Вложиться в соккер – новый тренд для звезд США

James harden / Photo: © REUTERS / Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

First and foremost is to say that harden bought a share of 5% is not only Dynamo, but the women’s team “Houston dash”. Given the fact that the amount of his salary with the rockets this year alone, equal to 38 million, it is funny money. Add to this $ 200 million contract with Adidas, which will expire only in 2028-m, and the monetization of instagram, with 9.8 million subscribers, other advertising agreements, and recent doubts about the rationality of this investment will disappear by themselves.

But the most killer argument lies elsewhere – in the low tax rate of the state of Texas, through which the club manages to pay less to the Treasury and lead a more competent personnel policy that focuses on the principle of price and quality. Last summer “Houston” for a long time vied for the exit in the playoffs at a total cost team $ 8 million – the smallest budget in the League. In the playoffs in the end did not, but profit, like it or not, is obvious.

And, of course, the same image. Partnership with other clubs from Houston once again confirms the loyalty of the Beard city and its community, so that the withdrawal of the 13-th number from circulation not to worry.

Summing up, we can only say that investment in is not the most popular MLS clubs may not be such an ambitious undertaking, but it definitely has its benefits, and most importantly – perspective.

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