To protect the title of Russian national team on volleyball begins fighting on TH


© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danichev / Go in banks ofPlayers national team of Russia on volleyballНа защиту титула: сборная России по волейболу начинает борьбу на ЧЕ

Vadim Kuznetsov. Volleyball players of Russian national team at the start of Thursday’s European championship will try to protect the title of the best team of the Old world.

The Russians won the European championship in 2017 and summer 2019 were winners of the League of Nations. The European championship will be held in four countries — France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands. It will be attended by 24 teams. Rivals of Russians in the group stage will be national teams of Slovenia, Finland, Turkey, Macedonia and Belarus.

From Ljubljana to Paris in two weeks

This summer, the Russian volleyball players fulfilled all the tasks set before them, winning two important tournaments. First they won the League of Nations and then won a ticket to the Olympic games, to rid yourself of the extra hassle in the continental selection. The team of Sammelvuo Tuomas has a good chance to record a hat-trick and become the best in Europe.

The Russian team will start the championship in Ljubljana match against the team of Turkey on September 12. Four teams from group C games which will be held in the capital of Slovenia, will be released in the playoffs (1/8 finals).

In Ljubljana against Russia went several Champions of the last Euro (Maxim Mikhailov, Alexander Butko, Egor crutch, Dmitry Volkov, Artem Volvich, Valentin Golubev and Ilyas Kurkaev) and Dmitry Musersky, who was the most valuable player of the winning Euro 2013. Bright season the teams are having the leaders of the Kemerovo “Kuzbass” — diagonal Victor Poletaev and binders Igor Kobzar. The Russian team has a good mixture of experienced and young players, which is important, considering how many matches can carry a team.

“The tournament is long, it is important to distribute power, but all under the same conditions. The coach’s task to bring the players in the best shape to the playoffs,” said RIA Novosti former coach of the national team of Russia, four-time European champion in the national team of the USSR Oleg moliboga.

Cuban Leon made it to the championship

Along with the Russian national team one of the favorites of the tournament is the reigning world champion team of Poland, which in 2019 have strengthened their squad with outside hitter Cuban Wilfredo Leon. Leon several years sought the right to play for his new team in the official tournaments, and his debut took place in August. The former volleyball player of Zenit Kazan helped the poles to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo, and with such a powerful weapon in the attack, they can compete for medals of the championship of Europe, which has not won since 2011.

Traditionally strong teams of France, Italy, Serbia and Germany, surprises can give to the Belgians, Slovenians and Dutch.

“I believe that Russia should fight for a place in the final of the European championship. Our task is first or second place. Among the favorites was called to the command of Poland, which has always been a decent team, and now even intensified Wilfredo Leon. We need to play our own game and not look at rivals,” said moliboga.

The final of the European championship will be held in Paris on 29 September.

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