“Tomorrow we will understand that this is not a dream, but a reality.” Reaction to Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United


“Tomorrow we will understand that this is not a dream, but a reality.” Reaction to Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo is back at Manchester United! This is the main transfer of the summer, along with Lionel Messi’s transfer to PSG. Two of the greatest players in at least modern football have suddenly changed clubs. Naturally, the Portuguese’s departure from Juventus and his return to Manchester United caused a strong reaction from fans around the world. We have collected the most interesting from Twitter.

Manchester United’s post about signing Ronaldo in the first hour after publication received a million likes and 400,000 retweets!

Former England striker and now popular football expert Gary Lineker is excited that Cristiano will play in the Premier League again.

Breaking news: Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United. Wow! Just wow. What a transition. What a transfer window for United. What a homecoming. I love it, ”Lineker wrote.

A funny quote from a Sky Sports reporter: Ronaldo’s signing is Man Utd’s best transfer since … Ronaldo’s previous signing.

Finally, Manchester United have figured out how to cope with the loss of Ronaldo. He was just returned.

Some fans of Manchester United, having learned about the impending transfer of Cristiano to Manchester City, began to burn old Manchester United jerseys with the name of the Portuguese. I wonder what they think about it now?

A soulful photograph from the past: Solskjaer, Ronaldo and Ferguson. Starting today, they are back in the same boat, even if Sir Alex is no longer coaching.

Bruno Fernandes is probably glad to have a compatriot on the team. But he can be disappointed and angry with the fact that Ronaldo wants to take the punches from the “spot” from him.

And here is how Cristiano himself can react when Wan-Bissaka once again makes several inaccurate crosses on him in a row, sending the ball to the stands.

A daunting task for the fan: how to explain to the children that the transfers of Messi , Ronaldo , Varana and Ramos through this window cost in total less than White’s transfer to Arsenal?

There are enough jokes about Ronaldo’s departure from Juventus. This is how the fans see the best moments of the Portuguese performance for the team in the season.

Harry Maguire will now “glue” the girls something like this:

“You know Cristiano Ronaldo, right? One of the greatest players of all time. Yes, and now he refers to me as “captain.”

Liverpool fans passively in the transfer market watch as other clubs sign Messi , Lukaku and Ronaldo .

In the summer of 2021, Messi and Ronaldo used Manchester City to move to PSG and Manchester United, respectively.

These are the highest jumping Cristiano see “Old Trafford”, when Portuguese striker will hammer his head:

Emotions of a Manchester United fan: “We will all wake up tomorrow, thinking that it was a dream, but this is reality! Ronaldo is at home! The fairy tale has come true. “

Fans of Manchester United rush to the airport to meet the arrival of the Portuguese in Manchester:

“Manchester United are celebrating Ronaldo’s return like they’ve already won the trophy.”

With Ronaldo , Fernandes , Pogba and Sancho , Manchester United must be super strong.

But not everyone believes that Manchester United with Cristiano will achieve great victories. Unless he will win some insignificant trophy.


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