Took place the draw of the Cup of Russia on basketball 2020/21


The Russian basketball Federation (RBF), headed by European champion 2007 and the bronze medalist of the 2012 Olympics, Andrei Kirilenko, held the draw for the group stage XVIII of the Cup among women’s teams of the upcoming season 2020/21. The tournament will be attended by 23 teams from the Premier League (the top division of the championship), super League 1 and super League 2. Состоялась жеребьевка женского Кубка России 2020/21 по баскетболу

In the final of the women’s Russian Cup 2019/20 pressing Dynamo Kursk defeated UMMC with the score 84:71. Photo: Press-service of BC “Dynamo” Kursk

Here are the results of the draw for the groups of the preliminary stage:

“A” – IBA (Moscow, PL), “Spartak” (Noginsk, Moscow oblast, PL), “Spartak” (St.-Petersburg, SL 1), “UMMC-Junior” (Ekaterinburg, SL 1), “Peresvet” (Rostov region), “CSU-Atlanta” (Cheboksary);

“B” – “Dynamo” (Kursk, the SUBMARINE), “Dynamo” (Novosibirsk region, PL), Kazanochka (Kazan, SL 1), “Vologda-Chevakata” (Vologda, SL 1), “Yunost” (Penza, SL 2), “Yenisei”-2 (Krasnoyarsk Krai, SL 2);

“In” – Nadezhda (Orenburg oblast, PL), “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” (Rostov-on-don, CL 1), Nika (Syktyvkar, SL 1), “Stavropolchanka-North Caucasus Federal University” (Pyatigorsk), “Energia” (Ivanovo), “Parma-KOR” (the Perm territory);

“G” – “Sparta & K” (Vidnoye, Moscow oblast, PL), “Dynamo” (Moscow, PL), “Neftyanik” (Omsk, SL 1), “Black Bears – Polytechnic University” (St.-Petersburg, SL 1), BK “Samara”.

Thus formed three groups of six teams and one quintet with 23 participants. Current champion of Russia UMMC (Ekaterinburg) and runner-up in the Premier League in fifth place in Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei” on the decision of the clubs will not take part in the tournament, but they are delegates to draw their reservists of “UMMC-Junior” and “Yenisei-2”.

Recall that in the Cup of Russia for several seasons by the decision of the RBF to stimulate homegrown basketball players of the participating teams prohibited their fighting squads of foreign performers on the site have the right to go only athletes with a Russian passport.

As the composition of three divisions of the championship of Russia of the upcoming 2020/21 season has not yet been formed, the representation of teams in the leagues (PL – Premier League, CL 1, the first division super League, CL 2 – the second division super League) presented at the time of completion of the championship of Russia 2019/20.

Odnorangovogo tournament in the groups of the preliminary stage of the Cup of Russia 2020/21 women’s teams according to the approved calendar is to be held in the period from 15 to 20 September. In the playoffs there will be only the group winners. Further, September 29, will host matches of the semi-finals on the schema of “A1” – “B1”, “B1 – G1”. The battle for the title is scheduled for 3 October.

Help “RG”

All owners of the Cup of Russia. Women

2004. VBM-SGAU (Samara)

2005. UMMC (Ekaterinburg)

2006. VBM-SGAU

2007. CSKA (Moscow)

2008. CSKA

2009. UMMC

2010. UMMC

2011. UMMC

2012. UMMC

2013. UMMC

2014. UMMC

2015. “Dynamo” (Kursk)

2016. “Dynamo” (Kursk)

2017. UMMC

2018. “Dynamo” (Kursk)

2019. UMMC

2020. “Dynamo” (Kursk)

Leaders in titles

9 – UMMC (2005, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019)

4 – Dynamo Kursk (2015, 2016, 2018, 2020)

2 – VBM-SGAU (2004, 2006) is one “franchise” with “new” CSKA

2 – CSKA (2007, 2008) is one “franchise” with VBM-SGAU

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