Top 10 transfers in Europe’s top leagues. Who to follow in the new season?


Top 10 transfers in Europe’s top leagues. Who to follow in the new season?

Jack Grealish (€ 117 million)

from Aston Villa to Manchester City

Let’s start with the main European championship – the English Premier League. It is here that the most expensive transfer of this summer took place so far. The reigning champion of Manchester City bought Jack Grealish for an insane € 117 million! The midfielder has long outgrown the level of Aston Villa, which he played for since the beginning of his career and where he has captained the last few seasons. Grilish made his resume even more solid this summer – helping England to reach the Euro final.

Such a huge transfer amount is easily explained. Recently, the media found out that these numbers were spelled out in Grilish’s contract with Aston Villa, in case some English top club decides to take him away. City has no money problems for a long time, so the club did not hesitate to activate the item. Now Jack is 25 years old – the peak of his career is still ahead.

Grilish has already made his debut for City in the Premier League. In the 1st round, the “townspeople” on the road lost to Tottenham with a score of 0: 1. Jack, like his entire team, was not effective enough in the attack. Although head coach Josep Guardiola praised him.

Romelu Lukaku (€ 115 million)

from Inter to Chelsea

The most recent and the second most transferred transfer is the return of Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea. The Belgian striker first came to London ten years ago. Then he was a promising youngster and did not gain a foothold in the team. There were several leases, then a heyday at Everton and an expensive transfer to Manchester United. Things went wrong there, and in 2019 Rom left for Inter. It was in Milan that we saw the best Lukaku, a top-5 forward in Europe. It seemed that he had found his team, but Chelsea appeared, and the player could not resist.

The transfer to Lukaku cost the British € 115 million. According to insiders, the Belgian will earn € 15 million in London per season. The amount is gigantic, especially considering that he received half as much at Inter. Italy is still not a competitor to England in terms of money.

In the first round of the Premier League, Chelsea calmly defeated Crystal Palace at home without Lukaku (3-0). What will the team of Thomas Tuchel do with the Belgian in the squad!

Jadon Sancho (€ 85 million)

from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United

Sancho has a special story. The English winger was brought up at Manchester City, was a super talent, but he did not find a place in Pep Guardiola’s star lineup. Jadon went to Dortmund for practice, where he immediately joined the team and became a star. United for a long time tried to return Sancho to his homeland, the footballer was not against it, but Borussia demanded more than € 100 million. She was interrogated to the point that Jadon asked the management for a transfer. In the conditions of the post-pandemic crisis (they laughed in the City) they had to reduce their appetites. The result is € 85 million.

Sancho is only 21 years old, but he is already a player with a name, plus he has enormous potential. If Jadon doesn’t screw up, Manchester will get Ronaldo 2.0 for the next ten years.

Sancho cannot make his debut for United yet. According to head coach Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer, since the transition, Jadon has spent one and a half training sessions with the team and is not in shape. However, the “Red Devils” and without a star rookie tore Leeds in the first round of the Premier League (5: 1).

Top 10 transfers in Europe's top leagues. Who to follow in the new season?

Raphael Varane (€ 48 million)

Real Madrid to Manchester United

With Varan, the situation was strange. The transfer was announced at the end of July, but the contract could not be signed for two weeks. On 14 August, Rafael finally officially became a Manchester United player, and was even introduced to the fans before the match against Leeds. True, the Frenchman did not take part in the game.

The monitor lizard needs no introduction. Ten years at Real Madrid, four Champions League trophies and a bunch of other titles at the club level, the 2018 World Cup gold – the list of achievements is impressive. The defender had a year left under the contract, he did not want to sign a new agreement, so the club decided that it was better to make money now than be left without money next summer. Manchester United found itself in an absolutely advantageous position. Getting a top defender at his peak age (28) for € 48 million is the perfect deal.

Rodrigo De Paul (€ 35 million)

from Udinese to Atlético

If in the Premier League the most expensive transfer exceeded € 100 million, then in Spain everything is more modest. Surprisingly, here it was not Real or Barcelona that paid the most for one player (we will talk about them later), but Atlético. “Mattress makers” gave € 35 million for Rodrigo De Paul.

De Paul’s story is similar to that of Grealish. The Argentine has long outgrown Udinese and sometimes dragged the team openly alone. In the national team, the 27-year-old midfielder confirmed his level, won the America’s Cup this summer and finally went for promotion. Experts say that Rodrigo is a perfect fit for Diego Simeone’s system. If so, why shouldn’t Atlético defend the title?

De Paul has already made his debut for Atlético. In the first round of Examples “mattress” defeated Celta (2: 1). The Argentinian came on as a substitute and spent 25 minutes on the field. A start.

David Alaba (free agent)

from Bayern to Real

Returning to the topic of the Spanish grandees. They have an unusual tactic this summer – picking up free footballers. Alaba turned out to be one of these players. The Austrian spent his entire career at Bayern, won a mountain of trophies and the last few years did not hide his desire to try his hand at La Liga. Real Madrid fell for the tempting reinforcement, waited for the expiration of the contract and took the defender from Munich.

Alaba has long been a star, but Real Madrid can set him up. Both key central defenders, Sergio Ramos and Varane, left the team in the summer. If David is sent to save the day instead of them, there will be a lot of problems in defense. Although it seems that this is inevitable.

Despite the aforementioned, Real Madrid got off to a good start in the championship, defeating Alaves (4: 1) away. For Alaba, the debut was also excellent – he spent all 90 minutes on the field and even assisted Vinicius in the episode with the fourth goal.

Memphis Depay (free agent)

from Lyon to Barcelona

Now Barcelona. The new-old president of the blue garnet, Joan Laporta, announced in the spring that the club will try to focus on free players and exchanges. And so it happened. A deal stands out for Depay, whom head coach Ronald Koeman really wanted to see in the team. Barca did not miss theirs, now the Dutchman will play in Catalonia.

Depay has been known to football fans for a long time. He had a bright start at PSV, went spectacularly to the 2014 World Cup, and was bought by Manchester United. In England, Memphis “caught the star” too early, for which he was naturally exiled to “Lyon”. There, the striker matured and over time outgrew the team. Let’s see how the second attempt to gain a foothold in the top club will end, but so far everything looks quite positive. Now Depay is 27 years old – most likely there will be no third chance.

Memphis made his debut for Barça in the opening match of Examples with Real Sociedad. He spent almost the entire game on the Camp Nou field and made an effective pass to Gerard Pique in the moment with the first goal.

Hakan Chalhanoglu (free agent)

from Milan to Inter

We switch to Italy, and here the most amazing transition was made by Hakan Chalhanoglu. The Turk made a name for himself in Germany, where he put free kicks from almost all points on the field. In 2017, Milan took the midfielder. Hakan has seen everything from sixth in Serie A and a shameful absence from a group in the Europa League to silver and a comeback to the Champions League last season. Chalhanoglu for a long time could not agree with the club on the extension of the contract, as a result, the contract expired.

I was surprised by the new club Chalhanoglu. The media wrote a lot about Manchester United, but no one expected that the midfielder would go over to his neighbors. In full measure, this cannot be called a betrayal, after all, Milan and Inter do not have hostile relations, but derby have derby. Apparently, Hakan will replace Christian Eriksen, who, after a heart attack at the Euro, is unlikely to be able to play in Italy.

Chalhanoglu has already played two friendly matches for Inter. The first one came out as a shock for him – a goal and three assists in an hour of playing with Crotone (6: 0). In the second, they failed to repeat the success – 80 minutes and zero effective actions in the match against Dynamo Kiev. But the Nerazzurri won anyway (3: 0).

Eldor Shomurodov (€ 17.5 million)

from Genoa to Roma

To fully understand the epic nature of this transfer, let’s briefly describe its history without names. So, the Uzbek footballer starts his career at home, and then moves to Russia. There he manages to prove himself, although stability is still lacking. At the age of 25, he leaves for Italy and a year later finds himself in the team of Jose Mourinho. Isn’t it cool? And all this is about Shomurodov, who in less than a year made his way from Rostov to Roma in transit through Genoa. The transfer amount is € 17.5 million, so it’s serious.

In Roma, Eldor is likely to replace Edin Dzeko. The aged forward is about to take Lukaku’s place at Inter. Shomurodov is 26 years old, you can become the main one in the team for a long time. Or is that not all and we will see him in the conditional Juventus?

Top 10 transfers in Europe's top leagues. Who to follow in the new season?

Shomurodov started at Roma just great. He scored against Betis in the opening match, and then added to this goal in the goal of the Moroccan team Raja Casablanca. Yes, the matches are friendly, but these goals should add confidence.

Fikayo Tomori (€ 29.2 million)

from Chelsea to Milan

Italy continues to indulge in unexpected deals. Next in line is Fikayo Tomori. The defender was brought up at Chelsea, traveled on loan and waited for a chance in the main team. There he, albeit not always, went out on the field. And in January, Fikayo rushed to Milan on a loan for € 2 million with a buyout option. What’s surprising? It’s just that Tomori is an Englishman, he doesn’t trust him in Europe (especially in Italy and Spain) for a long time. But the defender crushed all stereotypes, adapted in the new league and convinced the club that it was worth paying almost € 30 million for him. Boldly from both Milan and Tomori!

In the new season, Milan will fight on all fronts for the first time in several years – in Serie A, in the Italian Cup, and in the Champions League. So 23-year-old Tomori will definitely play and develop.

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