Top clubs no longer have influence over stars. The departure of Messi, Ramos and others changed everything


Top clubs no longer have influence over stars. The departure of Messi, Ramos and others changed everything

This is not even capitalism, when everything is bought and sold. In a healthy market, assets must be transferred from owner to owner for money. But the current transfer window is absolutely unique. We saw a bunch of top transfers for free, to which we will soon add transfers of similar stars, but for a lot of money. Everything that happens is economic madness, which already raises great doubts about the competence of the very concepts of “transfer” and “contract”. And it is unlikely that all this will lead to something good.

From the stories of Leo Messi, Gianluigi Donnarumma, David Alaba, Sergio Aguero, Sergio Ramos and a couple of other players, a very sad conclusion can be drawn – clubs no longer have influence over their stars. One can endlessly argue that the same Messi left Barça with tears, but the texture of the story is different – instead of the potential € 80-100 million, the club received only a romantic press conference.

With the rest – about the same. A year before the end of the contract, Milan, Real and even Manchester City were trying to find the ideal model – either to sell the players or to negotiate a new contract. But the players themselves thought primarily about their own interests. The same Aguero understood that Barça might not have the money for his transfer, so it would be better to leave as a free agent. Of course, the work of the footballers’ representatives cannot be underestimated. Donnarumma may have wanted to stay at Milan, but the enterprising Mino Raiola understood that PSG would potentially bring him much more money.

It’s good that the tops instantly react to what is happening. Therefore, do not be surprised when you read the news about Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s transfer to Manchester City, and Kyliana Mbappe– to Real Madrid. In their cases, the same problem – a year before the end of the contract, but the players cry to the management and postpone the renewal. And their agents are already in full swing with other clubs. And as if they are telling clients not to even think about mythical patriotism, the interests of their employers. Career and money always come first. And don’t give a damn about everything else.

Agree, this is ridiculous. When some players leave for free, while others need to pay € 100 million. When these are isolated cases, you can ignore it, but when very expensive assets strongly influence the economic model of the giants, this becomes a problem. And UEFA will certainly not ignore what is happening.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the transfer structures change dramatically in the coming years. And it will no longer be possible to take the conditional Messi from Barça without paying a penny.

Because the first place should always be the club as a key player in the market. And only then – the interests of everyone else.


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