Top transfers of the East of the KHL. How they work now and what to expect in the future?


Топ-трансферы Востока КХЛ. Как работают сейчас и что ждать в будущем?

Lev Lukin

Top transfers of the East of the KHL. How they work now and what to expect in the future?
Cormier and Frattin not yet like the leaders of the “AK Bars”, and Macek are all well in “the Motorist”.

August is the time of the pre-season tournaments and the first impressions of the new team. Many of the clubs in the KHL have changed the appearance for this summer, someone just found their new leaders, and now fans are closely watching the game of their favorite clubs. Among them are many well-known players who came in the NHL from other leagues, or have made an internal move. Through the prism of hockey we consider their performance in the offseason and trying to anticipate how useful they will be in official matches. Dismantle the top transfers in the KHL, we continue with the Eastern conference.

Why signed: Kazan lost in the summer two strong players from the first team, among them was centre-forward Anton lander. His replacement of “Barys” wrote Patrice Cormier. Canadian held in Nur-Sultan a good year and got promoted.

How he plays in the offseason: while Cormier is not impressive Kazan public. On kprc Nur-Sultan Dmitry Kvartalnov expected put Patrice with Matt Frattina and Justin Azevedo, but in the first link “AK Bars” Cormier for three matches did not score a single point.

The forecast for the season: 35-40 points. Cormier needs to swing the other he had no choice. In Kazan in see Patrice the first center of the team, and if he did not go to play in “AK the leopard” Cormier is not delayed.

Matt Frattin (“AK Bars”)

Why signed: in addition to the lander of the “AK Bars” left and Jiri Cleaver. Kazan found a replacement for both players in the capital of Kazakhstan. Frattin have proven themselves in “Barys” and ambiguous for the team last season and in the Andrei Skabelka, so that the transfer of the player to a new level appeared quite logical.

How he plays in the offseason: more interesting than Cormier. In those three games CPRC have Frattin 2 (1+1) points, but still new players of “AK Bars” will seriously add. Be no worse than the Cleaver and the lander – a very difficult task, and we don’t believe that Cormier with Frattina with it.

The forecast for the season: 35-40 points. The same situation as with Cormier. Have Frattina will be a lot of playing time, permanent exits in the majority, so knock 40 points for the loonie should not be a problem.

Why signed: one of the conclusions that was made in “Avant-garde” after last season – to the selection of foreign players should be approached more carefully. Andrighetto “hawks” led since April and in the summer announced the transition. Sven no matter the case in the NHL, but at the level of team he always showed a great game that drew the hawks in the Swiss striker.

How he plays in the offseason: on account Andrighetto while only two of the match for Avangard, and the brightest than he scored – a disciplinary penalty in the match against SKA for the garbage of the puck after the whistle. Hartley in these games tried Sven with Denis Grain in the center and different left wingers, but understanding did not happen. It is evident that Andrighetto okay with skating technique, but to enter the team of Swiss Hartley yet.

The forecast for the season: 45-50 points. Have Andrighetto has all the chances to “light” in the NHL. By and large, the Swiss player in the NHL level and in our League he can prove it. A bunch Andrighetto – Bey (of course, if Hartley will stop on this variant) is able to make a lot of noise in the season.

Why signed: after Evgeny Medvedev “Avant-garde” needed a strong defender station wagon. Voynov is better the hawks would hardly be able to find someone. Vyacheslav waited until the last Amnesty in the NHL, but there is for Voinov no prospects, and to pass a second season in the Prime of life the player was not.

How he plays in the offseason: Vyacheslav has played for the new club only one match, but has already managed to impress Bob Hartley. The warriors did not do anything extraordinary, but he played a very reliable, solid and accurate, which is especially valuable after 16 months without match practice. Place the first pair of defense “hawks” in the spetsbrigada of the majority – this is the future for Voynov in Avangard.

The forecast for the season: 20-25 points. Voinova, of course, be difficult to immediately return to the effectiveness he had in SKA, but below its strap Vyacheslav unlikely to fall.

Why signed after last season, “Magnitogorsk” parted with almost all the foreigners, and announced a policy of improving the quality of foreigners. Kozun, great proven in the “Jokerit” and “Locomotive”, was perfect for the role of the new sniper for “metallurg”.

How to play in the preseason: in three games “metallurg” in the Chelyabinsk tournament Kozun spoke modestly — just one assist. All matches Joseph Andac Brandon was playing with Eric O’delland another winger is constantly changing – it was originally planned Dennis Rasmussen, but the Swede was injured, and two Canadians went Bujnitski and Lyubimov. Damage to the Swede confused card Andatu, who has failed to really look at the leading link team.

The forecast for the season: 35-40 points. Kozun, maybe not the most stable striker in the world, and in “the Locomotive” it is sometimes left in the shadow. But your scoring level Brandon holds always. “Magnitogorsk” will not be an exception.

Eric O’dell (“Magnitogorsk”)

Why signed in the framework of the same policy of improving the quality of foreign players “metallurg” signed a contract with the leader of HC “Sochi”. O’dell increase in the class, of course, not opposed.

How he plays in the offseason: O’dell began the offseason with the edge, but after the injury, Rasmussen was Central in the link with Kozoom. While Eric gets used to the new partners, but two goals in the Chelyabinsk tournament he has scored.

The forecast for the season: 40-45 points. O’dell started to score for “Magnitogorsk”, whether there will be in season. In terms of aging Mozyakin Canadians has all chances to become the main sniper “metallurg”, and he is transferring is able to give.

Топ-трансферы Востока КХЛ. Как работают сейчас и что ждать в будущем? Eric O’dell (“Magnitogorsk”)

Photo: Alexander Korkka,

Why signed after the departure of Joonas Kemppainen of SKA, “Salavat” needed forward the link to the Linus Umarco and Teemu to Hartikainen. Residents managed to persuade to change Manninen Helsinki the capital of Bashkortostan.

How he plays in the offseason: yet unnoticed. In three games on kprc Nur-Sultan Manninen have any points. Sakari went to the link with Marcom and Maiorov, a few shifts with the Scandinavians held Rodion Amirov. Linus, by the way, also looked in Kazakhstan pale. Probably this link should revive the return of Hartikainen.

The forecast for the season: 35-40 points. Manninen more diverse frontline than Kemppainen, therefore, in line with Marcom and Sakari Hartikainen needs to be better than his compatriot (the Kemppainen 33 points in the last regular season).

Why signed: “Siberia” the last three seasons, missed the playoffs, and a big role was played by the goalie problem. First in Novosibirsk miserable Salak, and last season neither Alexey Krasikov, neither Danny Taylor could not provide the team calm on the last turn. Now it’s over — Harry Sateri will close the most important position in the team.

How he plays in the offseason: it is difficult to assess a goalkeeper preseason, Sateri now acts normally. In three summer games Harry brought from Novosibirsk two wins and have conceded eight goals.

The forecast for the season: Sateri that in “knight” used to be first in command-the middle peasant, will feel in Novosibirsk, like a fish in water, and will become a fan favorite. Harry will play it safe and give the team a chance for a positive outcome in almost every game.

Why signed: Yekaterinburg in the offseason left a Pair of Francis and Stephane Da Costaand Urals looking for a strong foreigner with good statistics. Turned up Brooks Maciek, vybivanii last season almost a point per game in the AHL.

How he plays in the offseason: quite effective. In three matches at the tournament in Nur-Sultan from Macek three goals, despite the fact that his partners were constantly changing. First, Brooks came to Central in link with Golyshev and Eugene Moser, then to the bundle of Maciek – Golyshev added Nigel Dawes, and after injury, this book is a German and went to flank. This ability to adapt to the situation and no matter what keep the level should help Macek become the leader of the “Motorist”.

The forecast for the season: 35-40 points. The impression that Macek’s all right with scoring flair, and these numbers will not be a problem for him. Perhaps Brooks should expect and more.

Топ-трансферы Востока КХЛ. Как работают сейчас и что ждать в будущем? Brooks Maciek (“Motorist”)

Photo: Paul Tabachuk,

Tomasz Geek (“Tractor”)

Why signed: Chelyabinsk building a brand new team, and this team needs a strong forwards. The choice of a management “the Tractor” fell on Czech Tomas the Geek, who last season struggled in the basis of “Vegas”, but the statistics did still in the AHL. The striker is the ability to change the environment and get to talk about yourself.

How he plays in the offseason: Geek played so far, only two games in Chelyabinsk (without points), but Peteris Skudra made clear that Tomas will be in the “Tractor” in the leading link. Partners assigned Lukas Sedlak and Christian Thomas, and the whole Trinity is still work to do, to start the season in optimum form.

The forecast for the season: 30-35 points. Quite difficult to predict how the Geeks work in Chelyabinsk. In the “Tractor” new team, this is a difficult and demanding man, and the Geek – the cat in the bag. I want to believe that Chelyabinsk will not have to think about changing Legionnaire during the season, and this Boom should perform better than foreigners “Tractor” last season.

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