Toronto took care of the Lakers, 53 points helped the Warren “Indiana” beat “Philadelphia”


Orlando continues resumed the regular championship of NBA.

“Clippers” beat “Pelicans” with a score of 126:103.

The most productive player of the meeting was the leader of the “Los Angeles” Paul George scored 28 points. He converted 8 of 11 three-pointers.

Kawai Leonard scored 24 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

15 points the team added point guard Reggie Jackson.

In the “New Orleans” scored 14 points forward Brandon Ingram. First pick of this year’s Zion Williamson played 14 minutes, scoring 12 points (5 of 7 from the game).

“Clippers” after this victory, coming 2nd in the West with a score of 45-21. “Pelicans” dropped to 12-th place with 28 wins and 38 defeats.

“Indiana” snatched victory from the Philadelphia — 127:121.

Forward “Pacers” T. J. Warren set a career record, to shoot 53 points in this match. He has made 20 throws from game from 29.

He became the first player, “Indiana”, which scored 50+ points since 2005.

15 points added defenders Aaron Holliday and Victor Oladipo. Note that Oladipo took the decision to participate in thegrove of the season before the start of the match.

The “76-x” as the leader in points was center Joel Embiid. He scored double-double of 41 points and 21 rebounds.

Forward Tobias Harris scored 31 points. Ben Simmons wrote on his score of 19 points and 13 rebounds.

This victory allowed “Indiana” bypass “Philadelphia” in the standings and to shift it from 5th place in the Eastern conference.

The current champion of the League, “Toronto” deal with the Lakers — 107:92.

Point guard the raptors Kyle Lowry became the most productive player of the match. He scored 33 points and collected 14 rebounds.

Forward About JI Anunobi scored 23 points. Pascal Siakam was close to double dable with 15 points and 9 rebounds.

In the “Los Angeles” 20 points scored by forward LeBron James.

It is also worth noting the victory of “Oklahoma” over “Utah” with a score of 110:94.

In the “thunder” from four players scored 15+ points: Danilo Gallinari (15 points), Steven Adams (16 points), Chris Paul (18 points) and Shay Gilges-Alexander (19 points).

Recall that in the opening match of the day “Miami” confidently beat “Denver”.

NBA. The regular season

“Oklahoma Thunder” (Oklahoma) — Utah Jazz (Salt Lake City) — 110:94 (29:15, 37:27, 20:20, 24:32)

“Los Angeles Clippers” (Los Angeles) — “New Orleans Pelicans” (New Orleans) — 126:103 (37:25, 40:20, 26:21, 23:37)

“Indiana Pacers” (Indiana) — “Philadelphia Sixers” (Philadelphia) — 127:121 (35:29, 26:26, 20:32, 46:34)

“Toronto Raptors” (Toronto) — “Los Angeles Lakers” (Los Angeles) — 107:92 (23:21, 18:23, 31:26, 35:22)

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