Tretiak has stated that Russian players are to be congratulated with silver at the world youth Championships

Descriptionthe Head of FHR Vladislav Tretyak© Sergei Karpukhin/TASS

MOSCOW, January 6. /Offset. TASS Rustam Sharafutdinov/. Hockey players youth team of Russia is to be congratulated with silver medals at the youth world Championships. About TASS said the President of Federation of hockey of Russia Vladislav Tretyak.

This Tempora Russia lost to the Canadians and became the silver medalist of the youth world championship on hockey

The Russians on Sunday in the final of the tournament lost to the canadian team with the score 3:4, winning during the game with the score 3:1. The tournament was held in the Czech Republic.

“Young people make mistakes, especially in terms of discipline. Are unable to restrain their emotions when the score was 3:1, Canadians began to provoke, went unnecessary removal. But we must congratulate the team with the silver medals they won at the tournament, where there were so many decent rivals. Our team is distinguished by the fact that he didn’t suffer, and played hockey, most importantly,” – said Tretiak.

“We told the guys in the locker room that they are talented, what really played was one of the best teams. Need to draw conclusions, because discipline is one of the foundations. Our older generations at the expense of rigid discipline beat almost all the teams,” he added.

Tretiak said in the locker room to the players that they showed a fighting hockey. “I congratulated them on silver, and said they showed a fighting hockey, said that no Russian would not say that they did not want to go for the puck, fought until the end,” – said Tretiak.

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  • Typical Russian response to a loss. Insinuate less than honorable play by their opponents.


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