Trusov – brilliant. But she is not alone


Life is surprising what natural and logical they seem, things and actions that not long ago seemed to be the preserve of science fiction writers. While 15-year-old Russian figure skater Sasha Trusov in the first season beats the world record by jumping quads that are not able to fulfill the adult male figure skaters, somewhere in the Netherlands, 9-year-old Belgian Laurent Simons is preparing to receive a bachelor’s degree from the technical University of Eindhoven. The course is designed for 3 years, boy has mastered in 10 months. And those guys a lot.

14-year-old Lithuanian Yuste Iiite from the same cohort akseleratov, looking at have already and don’t know whether to marvel at their precocious achievements, or to be perceived as a new reality. I must admit that I slightly cheated with the age of Yuste. She was 14 most recently, on 19 November, and 4 days before that in 13 years she made her debut for the senior women’s national team of Lithuania basketball match of the qualifying tournament against the team of Albania. 10 minutes on the floor she scored 4 points, made 1 selection, 3 assists and became the youngest player ever to participate in such tournaments.

Last summer Iiite for the first time in the history of the Lithuanian national team U-16, led his team to the finals of the European championship, where scythes in a bitter struggle lost to team Russia, led by Anastasia Alaire Braid, which became the MVP of the tournament. Iiite with the average statistics at 19.8 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists, as was included in the symbolic five of the championship.

There are always people who are such an early success seem unconvincing, so all the time haunted by the imminent failures, and the wall weighs a bachelor of science in skepticism. But even then they will find it difficult to Express themselves. Now YUST Iiite see out the season in the “Neptunes” from Klaipeda, but from next year will introduce a women’s team “Asvela”, an extremely ambitious project, which is headed by Tony Parker, whose Mike was recently immortalized under the arches of the home arena “San Antonio spurs”.

Tony Parker showed extreme interest in signing Iiite and said that it was the future of his women’s team. I’m not ready to discuss the subject on the subject of women’s basketball. Knowledgeable people say that age is not the main reason to monitor the progress of Jozita.

The fact that early maturation for women’s basketball — the thing is quite natural. In the 1970s, 17-year-old Nancy Lieberman was already recruited into the adult team USA to participate in the pan American games. In 2014, the world championship for the national team of South Korea debuted a 15-year-old girl JI su Park. In our time the American press in full lobbies for the interests of 18-year-old Haley van Lit, which personally engaged Kobe Bryant.

Most of these girls Yuste distinguished by the fact that the current level of the main women’s national team of Lithuania are quite high. Girls from the national team, they play in the top European leagues, including the competitive Turkish. So even with conditional concessions, to interact with them on the same level in the team is not so easy. Especially for 14-year-old women’s basketball team representing Lithuania, where this sport has a sacral meaning. This is a huge pressure and responsibility with which the law seems to be still cope.

And most important: people who more or less extensively talking about Iiite YUST one thing in common, she’s not playing at the expense of physics, and therefore do not fit into standard scenario. The usual thing when a naturally gifted athlete trashes less gifted peers due to the initial superiority, and then, once on the next stage of evolution, has no idea how to play against adult professionals.

Iiite at the current height 184 cm can play in the position of attacking defender, as well as light and heavy striker. And everywhere she succeeds for the most part due to the ability to read the game, see the platform and make timely decisions. To get far rebound, to develop a fast break and there have to either attack or make a pass that’s the best option of attack for Yuste.

Such carte Blanche in the senior national team she has not yet issued, but, according to Locite feel at ease in the team helping her not only the respect of older teammates how much help the head coach mantas Chernus.

The mentor works with a team for 10 years and feels great when you finish a cycle of one generation and another begins, and consequently, who will be the leader of the new team. Candidate Yuste Iiite then if not unique, is obvious. Hence the trust of the coaching staff another reason to believe that this girl is not a circus sensation, drove us for an hour, and the man who came to basketball for the long haul.

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