Tsyatsyukhin: replacement in the national team of Russia on CHE is not associated with the health of players


© RIA Novosti / Elena Sobol / go to photo BankVolleyball player Sergey TetyukhinТетюхин: замены в составе сборной РФ на ЧЕ не связаны со здоровьем игроков

Ildar Satdanov. Two changes in the composition of men’s team of Russia on volleyball, which will compete for the championship, not connected to the health of the players, said to RIA Novosti, the General Manager of the national team Sergey Tetyukhin.

Volleyball Anton Karpachev and Evgeny Andreev has been included in the national team of Russia Fedor is Voronkova and Roman Martyniuk, who in August took part in the victorious for the national team Olympic qualifying tournament.

“Two changes in the team composition compared to the application for the Olympic qualifications not related to health, with the players all right. It’s a coaching decision,” Tetyukhin said in a telephone conversation.

Men’s European championship will be held from 12 to 29 September in France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Russian team in the group stage will meet with teams from Slovenia, Finland, Turkey, Macedonia and Belarus. Matches of this group will be held in Ljubljana.

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