UEFA coefficient table. This season, Russia is in 34th place!


UEFA coefficient table. This season, Russia is in 34th place!

By tradition, we return to the UEFA coefficient table after the next stage of the European competition. It is more and more scary to look at her every time, but you still need to understand your place in Europe and imagine what awaits Russia in a few years. This week Spartak was eliminated from the Champions League, while Rubin and Sochi were eliminated from the Conference League. RPL received three more blows to the image.

Believe it or not, this season Russia is in 34th place in terms of the UEFA coefficient! First, let’s recall how this rating is calculated:

– All points scored by the country’s clubs in the Euroseason are added up, and the result is divided by the number of teams from this association. This season, Russia was represented by five participants: Zenit, Spartak, Lokomotiv, Rubin, Sochi. Thus, the total number of points is divided by five. We add that in the group stage, a victory (two points) and a draw (one) are more expensive than in qualifications, where one point is awarded for a victory and 0.5 for a draw. In addition, bonus points are awarded for the following achievements:

Champions League: reaching the group stage – 4 points, reaching the 1/8 finals – 5 points, reaching the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals – 1 point each.

Europa League: victory in the group – 4 points, second place in the group – 2 points, reaching the 1/8 finals – 1 point, reaching the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals – 1 point each.

League of conferences: victory in the group – 2 points, second place in the group – 1 point, reaching the semifinals and finals – 1 point each.

At the moment, Zenit, which has not yet started in European competitions, has brought the most points to our country’s piggy bank. The Russian champion earned four bonus points by the very fact of reaching the Champions League group stage. Three more points were gained by Sochi, who beat Keshlu twice and drew twice with Partizan (the result before the penalty shootout is taken into account). In addition, Rubin added a 0.5 point draw in Poland. Spartak has zero so far, and Lokomotiv is not entitled to anything for getting into the Europa League group. Together, the RPL clubs scored 7.5 points. All this, we repeat, will be divided by five, although after the departures of the teams of Leonid Slutsky and Vladimir Fedotov, Russia has only three teams left in European competitions. So our seasonal ratio is now 1,500. From our 34th place, we look in the back at such “top” football countries as, for example,

However, in this euroseason everything is ahead, and the picture will surely change. There is still hope for Zenit in the Champions League and Spartak with Lokomotiv in the Europa League, albeit a ghostly one. Ruy Vitoria’s team, having taken off from the Champions League, can compensate for the lack of points with a more successful game in the group stage of the LE.

Now it is more important to understand what the RPL threatens to perform in European competitions at the level of the previous two years, when our coefficient was just over 4,000 points. As a reminder, UEFA calculates the rating of each association based on the performances of the country’s teams over a five-year period. This means that when the current 2021/2022 season is taken into account, the 2016/2017 season, in which Russia scored quite a lot – 9,200, will automatically disappear. And a year later, the most successful 2017/2018 season for us, which brought 12,600, will fall off. If the current trend continues, the RPL rating will fall from 45,549 points (this was the same when the representation of Russia was determined in the current Euroseason) to approximately 25,000-26,000 points. In this case, our championship will fall in the UEFA club rankings from the seventh to the 20-21st places!

By the way, in a year we will already start in European competitions from the eighth position with a rating of 38.382 points. This is understandable, since the representation of countries in European competitions for the 2022/2023 season was determined based on the results of the five-year period from the 2016/2017 season to the 2020/2021 season. Following Portugal, the Netherlands bypassed Russia. Now RPL is trying to keep the eighth line in the dispute with Scotland, Austria and Ukraine.

Departure from the top 11 leagues will most likely mean that the RPL will lose a direct ticket to the Champions League. True, UEFA is preparing a reform of the main European Cup. Let’s see what changes, but the situation is unlikely to get better for Russia.


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