UFC commentator recalled the reaction of the stands to the emergence of trump


The comedian and TV personality Joe Rogan spoke about the reaction of the stands at the appearance on the scene of U.S. President Donald trump during the tournament, the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) on 2 November. He told about it during his podcast on YouTube.

Rogan, who plays a commentator on UFC tournaments, admitted that even took off the headset to hear people’s reactions to the appearance of the trump. According to 52-year-old comedian, most of the audience were dissatisfied with the President’s visit.

“Yeah, I guess a couple of people behind him chanting “USA!” But for the most part people are just issued a “Boo” in his address. If we were to bet, I’d put money on the fact that “Boo” had more”, he said.

In the main fight of the UFC converged 244 Americans Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. The doctor stopped the fight after the last serious dissection. Masvidal won and received a special belt from the hands of wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson.

The head of the UFC Dana white has repeatedly stated good relations with the President of the United States.

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